• Yes, Canada should

    Canada prides itself on being friendly and safe and multi ethnic. They typically think themselves the more superior or the North American countries. So yes, they should do the right thing and be diverse and accept the Roma refugees with open arms and give them a safer place to be. It would be the Canadian thing to do.

  • Canada Roma Refugees

    I personally think that Canada should not accept Roma refugees because of the terrible insult for the Roma community as well as the Canadian government should just allow the due process to take care of itself. I personally think that Canadian government has a lot to deal with n a day to day basis which it would change a lot of things.

  • Canda should not accept Roma refugees.

    Canada should not accept Roma refugees because it is not near their homeland. Rather, the Roma should be able to find a place to live where they are already. There are already Roma communities in Europe where refugees will be accepted and they can have support networks within the community.

  • The Roma should stay in Europe.

    Canada should not accept Roma refugees. This is because North America needs to stop being the dumping ground for the problems of the rest of the world. Europe needs to deal with the Roma themselves. European countries need to train the Roma in trades or education so that this population becomes contributors to society.

  • I don't think Canada should do that.

    It's a tough thing to decide if Canada should accept Roma refugees. The main issue with the Roma is their complete refusal (or perhaps mental inability) to integrate into local cultures. They insist on being separate and unwelcoming to outsiders. And then cry discrimination when no one understands their culture.

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