Should candidates get an overall time for speaking?

Asked by: juminrhee
  • Punishes for interrupting each other

    If you had seen a political debate, you will notice that many people like to talk over others, interrupt, and go over their time for the question, despite moderators' pleading with them to stop. Why don't we just give every candidate on stage same amount of time that is used for the entire show? This way, if candidate A is talking over his time and refuses to shut up, candidate A will have less or no time to speak on other topics later in the debate. For example, Sean Davis is still speaking about foreign policy and the moderators have tried to tell him he is over his time. Further, Davis has repeatedly interrupted the other candidates in the debate. He spent a total of 14 of his total 20 minutes for the entire debate in the first two topics - surveillance (4 min) and foreign policy (5 min), and in interrupting others (5 min). He will now only have 6 minutes to answer any questions/debate others on health policy, economic policy, etc. This rewards good and civil behavior - essential to a US president or a Canadian prime minister.

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