Should candy and junk food be banned from public schools?

  • It's unhealthy for everyday consumption

    Studies show that junk food causes dozens of different health problems, From diabetes to heart failure, Junk food, Soda, And most importantly candy, Are dangerous to your health. It would also be dangerous in class, Because you could break technology by spilling a drink, Or cause someone to slip and fall, Possibly causing injury.

  • Junk Food is Unhealthy

    Junk food should be banned from schools because junk food can make children get addicted to sugar and can cause diabetes and other problems. These kinds of foods can also cause your teeth to rot and have to get fake teeth. Junk food at school would also be a distraction for kids and there would be a lot less garbage on the floor if junk food was banned from school.

  • Teaching to eat healthy

    We should teach children under 18, especially under 11s that eating unhealthy is bad so we should ban and junk food to make them understand that its bad for you and should only be eaten on special occasions and not eaten every day. It will get then into healthier habits.

  • Candy is unhealthy.

    I think that candy should be banned from schools because if people eat to much of it, it can lead to tooth decay. If people eat too much of it, it can also lead to obesity. Halloween makes kids want to eat a lot of it and maybe TOO much! Do we want people to die from obesity! NO! Candy is bad for and often, sometimes it will make your body digest bad bacteria easily. And also, candy and junk food should not only be banned from public schools, but private schools too! Candy is a thing to be eaten at home, or never eaten at all.

  • I think that candy should be banned.

    I believe this because candy can cause tooth decay and can give people cavities is people eat too much of it. It can also start childhood obesity and make people hungry for more junk food. Halloween is a perfect example because kids eat a LOT of candy that night. Maybe TOO much.

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  • No because of the child has a medical disablitiy such as diabetes it could save a life

    Headline says it all and believe me i know how a low blood sugar can feel and no it should not be banned in school at all because what if the child brings candy to fix a low bg and the teacher takes its that could be really deadly really fast of the sugar drops too low. So no it should not be banned.

  • Obeast caused deppression

    So people say why is my child so deppresed and they wonder why they are so obeast it is probely because every day they are like o my gosh who feeds you this junk in your stomach and they eat lunch with them and see chicken and burgers and steak for lunch

  • I think there should not be junk food at school.

    Food is like art if you go and artificialy flavor art it turns out bad so why would you eat food with tocsins and artificaily flavored crap its unhealthy people don't you relize junk food slowly kills you from the inside its bad for your brain ,heart and stummuck are at risk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes no junk food

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  • Never its not fair

    I am a 6th grader i am not overweight or anything i am healthy as can be. If they ban junk food i wouldn't be as motivated as i am today. I am a flag football champion thanks to Doritos i love my schools food even though they give a lot of junk food it is fine with me and my parents

  • No they shouldnt

    I wouldnt be fair for the kids. Some kids wont even go to school if junk food was ban. Kids are addicted the candy and fast food resturants. The district will loose alot of money if they ban junk food. Im a 13 year old boy and i dont think its fair

  • Hell no, that kills us

    No candy should not be banned from schools! If candy and or junk food is banned the students will sneak in the candy and junk food.Enforcing such a ban would force school officials to dig through lunchboxes, lockers and desks. This would harm students’ privacy. Junk food makes kids concentrate like gum, jolly rancher, and mints. Some people might say no because chips might have too much salt or too much calories but not all chips do. Some parents might not approve because they don't want their kids eating junk food in school but they need to not worry because the school gives healthy food also not just junk food. Junk food could save a diabetic person if they needed some sugar.

  • No it is going to far

    To go to the point of banning junk food and candy is going too far. The supply should be limited yes, and we should make sure people are properly educated on the harms of it. Beyond that though people also need to be free to make their own decisions in their lives.

  • Only in moderations.

    I don't think schools should completely ban candy and junk food; but, it should only be served in moderation. Perhaps only serve 2 or 3 times a week, and the rest of the week, keep the vending machines off and take the chips and junk foods off the stands in the lunch line.

  • Treats Are Fine

    As the system is set up now candy and junk food are not part of the food offered within the cafeterias of schools. Generally, if a child obtains candy or junk food at school it is in direct correlation to a party that they had or another child celebrating their birthday. I think these occasions are okay, but they should be the only reason for candy and junk food in the school system.

  • No they should not be.

    Candy and junk food is a good way for a student to pull in some extra money. All of the business people make money selling food in Walmart and such. Why not let a kid make a little money in this cut throat corporate world. The principals should let them eat and sell candy.

  • Ban if they want

    If schools want to ban junk schools, they should make the decision on a school by school basis, rather than as a law, since there's no reason that every school needs it banned. People blame junk food and candy in school for childhood obesity, yet generations had it equally or more available.

  • Yes to candy

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  • No to children as political prisoners of the PC brigade.

    If anything, The term 'junk food' should be banned, As well as compulsory schooling. Schools are already madrasahs for the forced indoctrination of young people with the values of those who call themselves 'liberal', When they are really the world's worst enemies of liberty (there are many things that Islamists would leave unregulated).
    Now they want to dictate what children can eat. Mandatory bisexual relationships will be next.

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