Should canibalisim be legal in life-and-death situations?

  • Yes absolutely of course.

    If you need to eat someone and are about to die of hunger then you do what you have to do. If you gotta live then you gotta live. I mean come on seriously, letting all of these people die because they can't eat at all. What if you were about to die of hunger. I'm sure you would eat a human if you had to. Even if it is just the nose. Nobody cares about the nose.

  • Give them a chance!

    I think yes because despite the “physical disadvantages”, i think that they should still be able to play because it encourages them to try harder because the sport is harder for them than others. The other people on the team (who would be men) would not have to try as hard because it’s easier for them. They will not put much effort into playing the game. This is important if the game is important

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