• Its helps with stress

    People should have this drug because it helps with stress and it also is better than cigarettes and it also helps with cancer and makes people feel good and its less dangerous than must things we put into our bodies and the social media say its addictive but its not

  • If Tobacco is legal, then why not Marijuana?

    It is pretty clear that Marijuana is not close to being as dangerous as tobacco, and that since tobacco is legal then why not Marijuana? Legalizing Marijuana will allow legitimate businesses to sell safe marijuana instead of people finding sketchy dealers and buying Marijuana that could be mixed with various different substances such as K2. This will also benefit the economy greatly and will knock one task off of the to-do list for the police, so everyone wins!

  • Yes, but in my opinion, medical marijuana

    There are two ways we can handle the legalisation of marijuana, either continue to ban it, and support the ever-growing black market and organised crime in general, or, legalise medical marijuana to help those who suffer, and cannot live the normal life which you and I live today! In the black market, sometimes substances are added to the marijuana, making it unknown to the consumer and severely dangerous.

  • Cannabis should be allowed.

    Cannabis helps kill breast cancer and we could make other medicines. It helps with pain. And a lot of people are going to jail for the use of cannabis. Just be cause it is helping with their cancer. And it was just legal because the government thought it was bad cause the native Americans used it.

  • No [Yes if Medical]

    Cannabis is an absolutely great thing I do admit but it's great for the short run if people get addicted to it enough it can seriously ruin lives in the long run and does cause a fair amount of diseases and cancers. Cannabis can lead to lung cancer and strokes. Also the last thing you want is for people smoking Cannabis to be doing it around children as it will affect their thought pattern and such.

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