• | No actually..

    It should be legalised for 18 at least. Come on America, get with it. 21 is a ridiculously high age for all of your laws. You really are ruining the best 3 years of a teenagers last years!

    In fact, since weed is just a freaking herb - a plant, there should be no laws over it at all. How about making nutmeg illegal? You can smoke that, too - it's absolutely horrible and screws your head up for hours, I hear.

    It can be used in plenty of foods just like other herbs. Brownies anyone?

  • Yes 100%

    It’s one of those things that is making more problems for us being on the black market then it would in stores. Of course you got to think about taxes too. It would bring in a lot of money. But if we don’t want that cash I know a lot of drug dealers who do. Rather then it going to schools its buying more guns and drugs.

  • Yes

    I believe it should because youth has a tendency to not control what they intake. Junk food, drugs, you name it. I've had so many friends in school lose themselves because of drugs. If it has a possibility to kill and or cause permanent damage, yes it should definitely be illegal. I don't want my children bumping into drugs.

  • Yes

    I think that it would take some of the drug dealers out of business. You would still have the problem of older people buying if for younger people just like you do with alcohol but at least we would be able to put a tax on it and make people pay higher prices like they do with tobacco.

  • Tax Revenues Can Be Substantial

    Tax revenues from the sale of marijuana can be substantial. Legalizing pot will relieve the extreme burdens on the legal system in many states. Regulating the drug can also make it safer for users and do away with dangerous things such as rolling a pot cigarette with harsher drugs. Cannabis should be legal for those 21 and over like alcohol.

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