• Yes it should

    I live in Florida and I use cannabis recreationally and it's really not that bad. Though I don't think legalization will happen here because we couldn't even pass medical back in 2014. Lots of old people here that still believe the lies that were spread about this plant in the 1900's.

  • Marijuana Cures Cancer, & it is safer than aspirin.

    There are over 20 recent medical studies that prove cannabis can cure cancer. The way cannabis cures cancer is by causing cancer cells to kill themselves. Cannabidiol induces apoptosis in malignant tumor cells. The other Cannabinoids also help healthy cells regenerate and maintain homeostasis. As a recreational drug it is safer than alcohol and tobacco.

  • Marijuana should absolutely be legalized

    Cannabis should be legal everywhere. I see people who are arrested for cannabis use, I honestly think the US politics are messed up because, you see people finding as much if not more enjoyment from the safer plant, causing less impairment while driving/ apposed to alcohol. Weed should be promoted and replace alcohol as the "fun" drug. It's the safest "fun" drug and it's a good thing it's promote by Rappers and Hip-Hop artists.

  • No, it is dangerous.

    No cannabis should not be legalized in Florida, because cannabis is not helpful. People who think they have medical problems that marijuana can fix should just take marinol. People who smoke are damaging their lungs, just like people who use cigarettes are asking for lung cancer. Cannabis is a nuisance for people who just want to get high.

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