Should cannabis in all of its forms be legalized throughout all developed nations?

  • Yes, it should

    I think if it was legalized everywhere it would be great. It would make me happy because I can legally blaze up and the government can turn up too. They can make some cheddar and we can all gets blazed together and it would be a great time. Turn up.

  • Yes, it's a versatile plant.

    There's really no reason that all forms of cannabis should not be legal throughout all developed nations. There appear to be some health benefits to consuming it, and it's idea for everything from paper to textiles and more for industrial purposes. Prohibition never works. We need to legalize it 100 percent.

  • Cannabis should be legalized in all developed nations, during a trial period.

    There should be a trial period during which cannabis is legalized. There are so many arguments for and against the legalization of cannabis, but it's just people's theories. We need real data to make sound judgments. During the trial period, we'll learn the real effects it would have on society and theories could evolve to data-driven analysis.

  • Only benefits us

    Cannabis legalization should be legalized throughout the world and can only benefit all countries. Cannabis is banned due to a strange mixture of sensationalism in the first half of the 20th century and industry lobbying, and has since been kept banned largely due to a puritanical streak throughout the US.

  • Cannabis is not deadly, but still bad for you

    It causes an increased heart rate, anxiety, paranoia and impairs motor reactions. Do we really live in a society where people can be allowed to use this substance? Do people really understand the repercussions of this albeit not deadly, but still dangerous substance? I believe that if this was legalised we would just heighten the level of irresponsible people around the world. We need to worry about issues that matter not getting euphoric due to something that will eventually damage your respiratory system causing difficulty breathing or even lung failure.

  • No only leads to more problems

    No cannabis should not be legalized in all developed nations. It leads to more issues and has no benefit to society. I do think medical marijuana with a prescription should be legalized but that is where the line needs to be drawn. Medical marijuana can be regulated and can help certain people.

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