• Yes, cannibalism should be illegal

    Yes, cannibalism should be illegal in all countries of the world. I believe that people who are not longer living are entitled to a proper burial, and giving someone the right to eat another person is not a proper burial, and does not respect those who are deceased which is why cannibalism should be illegal.

  • Yes, of course it should be.

    It is considered very immoral to eat humans. It is even considered immoral to eat things such as dogs and horses. If cannibalism were legal, it would be disgusting and also be opposed by a huge percentage of the population. Civilized society has no room for cannibalism and thus it should remain illegal.

  • Cannibalism should be illegal.

    It isn't already? I can think of one instance when it was OK, and that was when 1972 rugby team crashed into the Andes. They felt so guilty, but they had to survive. Other than that, it is degrading, sick, and immoral. A human being should never be consumed by another human being.

  • It should be forbidden, as it is a crime against human dignity and all that which is Nobel in Higher Universal Law.

    Cannibalism should be forbidden, as it is a primitive practice which ties humans to an animalistic way of being. It is also immoral to deprive another human being of their right to life. Also in my opinion, coming from a spiritual perspective, I believe the act of consuming human flesh would tie one to a lower spiritual state of existence.

    In my study and practice of many of the world's great religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity, I have come to know we can evolve to a more liberating, higher spiritual frequency while embodied, and exist in the higher spiritual state which is known as the 'Kingdom of Heaven' in Christianity. A state where we are in the world, but not of the world. This state is obtained by facilitating the rising of our Kundalini energy up the spine, and through the Chakras by dedicated spiritual practice, such as meditation, yoga, prayer, and the repetitive use of mantras and affirmations.

    If one was to adhere to a unclean and unethical practice, such as the consumption of another human beings flesh, then one would become spiritually impure and would be tied to a lower spiritual state, impeded from further progress towards spiritual enlightenment (The Kingdom of Heaven). One must truly live a noble life as possible, in order to spiritually evolve one's being.

  • Cannibalism should be illegal.

    Cannibalism should be illegal. Cannibalism is immoral and wrong on so many
    levels. I’m pretty sure that the Bible
    says that cannibalism is wrong somewhere.
    Human beings were meant to eat fruits and vegetables and maybe meat, but
    not human flesh. Making cannibalism
    legal would only eventually lead to mass murder.

  • Morally wrong and disgusting

    Medically it comes with a cost to eat someone you get the shakes [good way to spot one if your invited somewhere on strange terms] and it damages your phycology you start to crave it, and lose your mind do we really want to live in a world where people think YOU could be there next meal.
    Cannibalism is wrong morally its a crime against nature...

  • Eating human? Why?

    Its cruel to eat a human. And it just is kinda freaky! Why do soooooo many say NO?!?! They want to eat their OWN KIND? REALLY?!?! IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!!! I DO NOT LIKE CANNIBALISM! NOR SHOULD OTHERS!!! Would YOU EAT YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS?! I hope not! That's why it should be illegal.

  • Why should we eat an innocent?

    Why eat other humans if you can eat chicken or veggies. If it was to be legal then cannibals should not hide and be only allowed to eat people who have committed very horrible crimes and have been given the death penalty. This is an OKAY solution because we would be decreasing the population and also giving some people what they want.

  • Cannibalism should be illegal

    It's just plain foul, immoral, simply in unappetizing!
    I don't even want think about or meet someone who has even considered it an option. It's not how things were meant to be. I can't even believe its gone so long undebated. We have laws for any and everything under the sun but not cannibalism? Thinking about a life in general I'm seriously considering going vegan .......Chomping flesh? UUUUGGGHHHHH!

  • God gave you life, God should be the only one to take life back.!

    No man, woman or child should kill someone else for cannibalism.
    Should be a death penalty for those who practice such as problematic acts. But then again, the governments of those country where the cannibalism is present should be shame for not caring for own people and educated them. The governors and presidents of those country might be too busy in stilling money from the people instead of invest in their own people and help them.

  • What if it came to that point?

    I believe that becuase of greed and power, people will kill off every last animal on this earth. And as the animal kingdom diminishes, the human population rises. Let's admit there are people out there that just can't give up there love for meat. So.. For just a second think, what would happen if every last animal was gone? And humans were the only ones standing?
    Sure we can all be vegan, but it goes back to power and greed. Even if human consumption was "banned", like other things in this world, that won't stop someone from doing it. If there was a lot of money involved, and for certain people that have a rare ethnicity, they would have a "higher" price, (like what animals today), over their heads because there is always someone trying to make a profit from anything even if morally wrong. It's disturbing and no I wouldn't eat human kind, but even if someone was against the idea, some would say they don't believe in taking someone's right to do something , that even though they disagree with it, it's not their right to take it away becuase they might think it's wrong. Everything I say is already done to the animals such as whaling, fur, etc, and even in some places, we still have people working in sweatshops for two cents so we can have name brands on our backs. The world is already on the pathway where they don't care about human kind and this is 2014. Ten years ago my cell phone had buttons, now I can talk to it, and it replies back!! I'm not saying eating meat is wrong, or whatever else that some might think is wrong. This world would never change for human kind regardless what you do to try and make this world a better place.It might be throwing away your trash because you hate littering, you still have other people behind you leaving their crap behind you. If it came to making human consumption "ok" we would know the world would be at it's end.The world still spins when your gone. Money is what makes this world go round, people would find ways to kill others even if they ate human flesh or not.They would still kill people for those who do consume it, becuase there would be a a hefty price. Just becuase there's a ban or law against something today, we don't reinforce them all the time .Some people don't care at all in this world, so what would make it any different for those who don't care stop from killing or consuming the human kind? You can do things to help change this world, but you still can't change the person. That means this world, no matter what age of time your in, will always have that one person that wants to try and "rule" it, corrupt it, and for just for the thrill, do anything your not suppose too. Yep. Were all doomed.

  • Humanity would die off!!!!

    At first i thought, was it illegal to eat other humans if all aspects was consensual and you did not perform any actions that lead to the deceased. I think if everything was consensual, then cannibalism is legal.

    But this is what the question is not saying. I say cannibalism should be made illegal because

    1. It will lead to new diseases (i think)

    2. It will start another "food addiction"

    3. It will lead to many murders if all aspects is NOT CONSENSUAL.

    I don't think it will ever be consensual because what kind of person would allow their love one to be eaten.

    I say illegal! Illegal! Illegal!

  • People are food too

    All through history people have eaten other people. The only reasons why people are against cannibalism are that 1.Religions and social norm say the human body is unclean if this is true why do we eat cows chickens and pigs that lie in their own filth. 2.Some peoples morals or religions forbid it refer to (1). 3.There are laws prohibiting it well in fact there are no laws in the U.S atleast that state that cannibalism is illegal but there are laws against murder and desecration of a body there could in theory be a way to get around these.

  • Should be legal if other person is willing

    Consensual cannibalism should be legalized everywhere. If someone is able to make choices, then they should have the right to decide if they want to be eaten. I would vote for making cannibalism legal. Personally, I have thought about being cooked and eaten myself. If I decide that I want to be cannibalized, then no one should be able to stop me from being eaten.

  • By itself, it shouldn't be a crime.

    Unless other factors are present, such as murder, the act should be fine in the eyes of the law. For example, if you were in a group stranded somewhere without food or water and one of you dies, it should be okay to eat that person to avoid starvation. Even if the reasons are less life-and-death, and it's just some consensual act between people, it should still be legal to do. Creepy, yes, but we really shouldn't be banning things for the sole purpose of them being creepy and nothing else.

    It should also be noted that cannibalism literally just means "eating the flesh of your own kind". That does not automatically make it "immoral". "Cannibalism" doesn't mean going around with a spear and stabbing people so you can eat them. Legalizing it also isn't the same as saying "do it". It just means that if a situation arises where you start eating someone, but in a way that literally does not affect any other laws (such as laws against killing, tampering with evidence, assault, etc.), you can't be thrown in jail for it. Which wouldn't affect much since that kind of situation is extremely rare anyway.

  • All animals are meat

    Religion and morals aside, we are physically no different than any other source of food. Eating a dog or a horse is just HORRIBLE right? How about you take your tasty little steak to India and see how similar their reactions are. The way I see it, you should be ok with eating ALL meat, or none at all. And if a person is consenting to give their body away after death, then that is their choice, as well as it is the person's choice to eat them.

  • Usage after natural death.

    I can only see it being legal when a person has died of natural causes and wishes to have someone use their body for purposes of sustenance, or use the organs of medical purposes. I mean, people can have their organs legally distributed to hospitals for use after their body expires, so how much difference is there to go the full way?

    I don't condone having a live person let someone else eat him, for the sake of love, or friendship. I mean, you are ending your entire life for the sake of fetish. It is not as poetic as you might think it is. In certain circumstances this is not much different than suicide. Where would it end? Mass suicide without any control. Absolute breakdown.

    This goes the same for religious reasons. There are many things you can do besides killing your external shell to travel to whatever afterlife you believe in. Embrace the reality that you currently exist in, be in interconnectedness, breathe the light of life and love everything and everyone, and then you could be that much more satisfied when you naturally die. I'm not trying to insult anyone's beliefs by saying this. I believe in the interconnectedness of energy, and really have no clue as to what will occur when my body naturally expires. I keep an open mind to anything.

    Sustainable sustenance after natural expiration. In those circumstances, it could be a logical course of actions.

  • Use of a natural death

    I do believe cannibalism should be legal, but only when a person body has naturally expired and wishes to have someone else eat it, so that it doesn't go to waste. Sustainable sustenance. However, if someone wishes to have someone else eat them, it could easily be used in place of the excuses people have for suicide. That is, you are ending your entire life for a fetish.

    In other words, having cannibalism as an alternative to burying or cremation.

  • Why should it be?

    If a human is already dead, and the family and said deceased person gives consent to have him butchered, it would not morally go against anything that could possibly be argued. When I die, I would not care if I was butchered, and sold. If someone gets to a point where they must eat another human being to survive, they should have the right and the means to be able to do it.

  • Cannibalism should be legal

    Cannibalism should fully be legal for many reasons. One it should be legal just because you should be able to eat the dead. Animals do it so what's wrong with humans doing it as humans are also animals and are intelligent. That is the reason cannibalism should be fully legal.

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