Should Cano have left agent Scott Boras for Jay-Z's company?

  • Yes, Scott Boras is too greedy.

    Scott Boras is widely known around Major League Baseball for being the agent that represents the biggest stars in the league. However, he takes a large chunk of the contract from the player as well. I think it is good that Cano has said goodbye to Boras. It is about time that a big name will not be represented by him.

  • Quality of work.

    Scott Boras may be money hungry but he is well respected in his profession. If a person wants a good agent, they pay for the quality of work. This is why Cano should not have left agent Scott Boras for Jay-Z's company. He is paying Boras for the quality of work provided, which has done nothing but help him thus far.

  • I say no.

    There was nothing to be gained by leaving his current company and going to a new one where the new guy has no experience in being an agent and representing people. Such a move was very short sighted and likely will be very much regretted by the man later in life.

  • No, Boras is a respected agent.

    I do not think that it was wise for Cano to leave Scott Boras for Jay-Z's company. Scott Boras is probably the most well-known agent around Major League Baseball and represents many of the biggest stars in the league. He has been proven to get players major contracts. Meanwhile, Jay-Z's company does not have a reputation around MLB.

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