• Capital punishment should be abolished

    The United States is one of the last remaining developed countries to still use the death penalty and it is tine for it to be abolished. There is no evidence to show that it has any deterrent effect on crime and the costs to the state are tremendous. Eliminating the death penalty is the right and moral thing to do as the supposed leader of the free world.

  • I believe capital punishment should be abolished.

    I think capital punishment should end because I believe that there is too much room for convicting the wrong person. If someone is executed and is later found to be innocent, then it's too late to go back. I would rather see people sit in jail the rest of their lives than to execute the wrong person.

  • I see people doing less then a life sentence, with the same crimes as those on death row

    If you do some research, you will find serial killers, and rapists, and very sick and twisted criminals, in the State prison system. Some of these crimes are more heinous, or just as heinous as the crimes associated with the death row inmates. We see death row inmates being found innocent, after execution, and even innocent, and released, luckily, before being killed. Is it okay to have these kind of flaws, when it comes to a persons life, and death? Humans error, so, how can we put an flawed system in charge of the day a human dies?

  • Capital punishment should stay

    It should stay because we are tired of people getting killed and there killers are only receiving little sentences instead of being sentenced to death for what they did. I am personally tired of it because my cousin died and his killer only received 70 years, he should be sentenced to death for what he did to this family. It also brings joy to the family because it brought justice

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