Should Capital Punishment be abolished from the United States?

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  • Yes it should

    American logic "let's show we're against killing people by killing people". It also holds you on a moral equivalent with countries like China on the issue. Not to mention it's fundamental totalitarianism, the state has rights on the citizen's life the state decides which of it's own people shall die something every anti totalitarian society should be against.

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  • There are alternative ways

    Capital punishment has many flaws
    Its is not a successful deterrent. Research proves that the death penalty is no more than a effective deterrent of crime than life imprisonment.
    It is far too expensive. It costs more to execute an offender than it is to keep them imprisoned for life.
    The USA is viewed as a leader of first world countries, yet it still upholds inhumane penalties that go against any individuals human rights. Its not fair to play god.

  • It definitely needs to be abolished.

    I personally believe that every human has the right to live, no matter what they've done. I support life in prison over the death penalty any day. Also it has been shown that lethal injection is not painless and has in fact led to numerous painful deaths of inmates. Let's just put an end to it and make our highest punishment for crime life in prison, which sounds pretty scary to me.

  • Gandalf Is a Wise Man

    I would like to bring up something Gandalf says to Frodo in 'The Fellowship of the Ring' (and I am sure this is not the actual wording, but the idea is accurate): "Many who deserve to die, live. And many who deserve to live, die. Can you give life to those who die unjustly? Then do not be so quick to give death to those who live unjustly." Gandalf is basically saying that killing a murderer is only just if you can give life back to his/her victim. As we cannot give life back to the victims, killing that person is not justifiable. Also, what of the innocently convicted? If somebody is convicted of murder and killed by death penalty even though that person is actually innocent, there is no way of taking away that penalty, while somebody incarcerated for life may still be taken out of prison and receive compensation. Incarceration leaves its marks, but it is not completely irreversible. Finally, maybe life without parole is actually worse than death sentence. Personally, I would rather be killed and have it over with than be kept in a prison for the rest of my life, having to deal with the guilt, and even if there is no guilt (psychopathy) having to vegetate in my cell with probably nothing to do, maybe even in solitary, and Kenneth E. Hartman (who is on life without parole) seems to think so too (http://deathpenalty.Procon.Org/view.Answers.Php?QuestionID=001017). Therefore I would support the outlawing of the death penalty.

  • The death penalty, or otherwise capital punishment, is wrong.

    Even from a non-religious point of view, I think the death penalty is not only hurtful to our society but simply immoral and wrong. We will tell you it is wrong and against the law to kill someone, except if we do it, that is. The law is supposed to apply to everyone. Perhaps there are very few exceptions, i.e. the military and NSA spying (which I don't entirely support) but I don't support capital punishment being one of the exceptions. I would rather my killer(s) - hopefully I don't get any killers on my end - rot in prison for the rest of their lives, thinking of what they did. Well, I'm not that cold, but I'd prefer that over just letting them go. Tax dollars going to them to give them luxurious lifestyles? A simple solution: STOP GIVING THEM LUXURY. Bam. From a moral viewpoint? What if death really is nothing? Are you really going to sentence someone to their ultimate demise of... Nothing? Seems very wrong to me. That's my personal opinion on it though. Bare in mind that many countries have already abolished the death penalty or else not use it in a very long time or rarely, including the UK, Russia, and many more.

  • Homicide is Homicide

    In a forensic psych class I took in college a county coroner came in to talk to us. The death penalty was brought up and he said the official cause of death for these convicted felons is "homicide" once they've been put to death. But I get it, I do. Most of these people are guilty of heinous crimes against humanity, and I'm not trying to say they don't deserve as severe a punishment as we have to dish out, but I don't believe capital punishment is the way.
    My main argument is this: The innocent lives aren't worth it. For those of you who support the death penalty I ask you to simply google the number of wrong convictions on capital cases. Look at how many people spent years of their lives on death row for crimes they didn't commit and were later acquitted of any/all crimes. Then look up the number of people found innocent AFTER being put to death. If you find that the number is greater than 0 (which it is *spoiler alert) I hope you find it deeply upsetting. We as these men (and a few women)'s peers found them in need of death to which they did not deserve. I ask you this - is it worth killing even 1 innocent person to ensure the fate of the guilty?

    I would also like to address a few other side points.
    Fact: Capital trials cost hella money. So yes, they are extremely costly - more so than life in prison.
    Myth: Capital punishment serves as an effective deterrent. Look at the statistics - it's not scaring anyone.
    Fact: These people (assuming guilt) need to be punished, but don't need to be killed. A lot of death row inmates actually view death as an escape from punishment. - food for thought

  • Criminals who commit horrendous crimes deserve to rot in jail for the rest of their life.

    If a person takes someone's life, dignity or both, they don't deserve to be relieved by not having to deal with their crimes. If they do these horrible things, they should have a much worse punishment, such as being left in a dark, cold cell until they starve to death. Murderers should be sentenced to life in solitary confinement with incommunicado (no contact with anyone). This would also decrease costs for food and wages for prison guards and it would give these monsters a punishment they deserve.

  • Yes, Yes, Yes

    Here are the facts, It cost more money to carry out the death sentence then having someone being sentence life in prison ( by this I mean until his natural death) Second of all, if a man get exonerated and has been killed by the death sentence, there is nothing you can do. However if he was alive he can be compensated in some way even if time cant be returned to him. And yes people have been exonerated in the past, but they were already dead. So to summary, a ineffective system that cost too much, that has no positive point, only negative points, Logically this should existed right? Oh I forgot to mention, U.S. is the only country in the first world countries along with beluras in Europe and japan to have capital punishment.

  • Capital punishment has a few advantages

    If we terminate the death penalty, we would need to maintain life without parole, and the death penalty has a few advantages over life without parole. Opponents of capital punishment are arguing that it is more costly to execute someone than it is to keep them imprisoned for the rest of their natural lives, but it's the opposite. Keeping someone behind bars until they die means they must be continuously kept alive, which means money must be paid for their meals 365 days a year and medical attention for when they become a senior citizen. Plus, if you're going to sentence someone to die in prison, why not just execute them?

  • It is necessary to use fear to keep stability

    Capital Punishment is a necessary deterrent, there is nothing most people fear more then death. Although our current why of execution is inefficient, we go through to mush effort to make sure it's humaine and we spend millions executing criminals when we could simply use a firing squad for a much cheaper cost.

  • Think about it

    We did a debate just like this in debate class. Put it in this way . If Hitler was alive today you would put this murderous man in a cell and let him live there? Feed him even though he starved millions of people for a very long time? Bath him give him a bed? I'm pretty sure that i don't have to go any further on Hitler but if you were a part of the victims family multiple people (depending on how many people this person has killed) would not want this person in the cell. They would want this person to be put to rest. Don't give murderous people the right to live when they have chosen to kill others. That person had a choice. He could have lived a happy life but instead he choose to spill the blood of others. What do you want? A murderous person in person who could get life on parole, knowing that this person is going to be deceased and you can sleep at night knowing one more man isn't trying to kill your family tonight.

  • You made your bed, now lay in it.

    How can you possibly turn the other cheek on people more savage than the wildest beasts? Some people deserve to die, some more painfully than others. I don't understand how people can have such sympathy for those who hurt and destroy children, families, etc. People tend to think we live in a perfectly stable society where violence is never the answer. I wish that were the case, trust me - I do. However I'm not ignorant enough to believe that's actually possible. We are human beings and as long as we're human beings, violence will exist. You need to cut the bad fruit off of the tree before you can worry about the aesthetics.

  • Hell nooo !

    You people are ignorant for saying we should abolish capital punishment. Hell we need to step it up. 3 credible people witness you commit a crime that's that. You steal it should be off with your hand. You rape. You should be raped and put to death. Murder. You should be hung from a tree for everyone to watch. Think how low crime rates would be with that in place. More cost effective for a life sentence. You have got to be kidding me. Last time I checked a good hanging rope was less then 30 bucks. Damn liberal hippies. We need more capital punishment !!

  • Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword

    But honestly, there's only so much of a punishment that prison can provide. Look at your child, your sibling, your parents, relatives you love, best friends, etc. Now imagine that you're sitting in a courtroom with a person in shackles charged with the brutal raping, stabbing, and dismemberment of your loved one. The jury comes back after hours of careful deliberation with the unanimous verdict of "guilty." They did the crime, and 12 competent adults agreed beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the truth.

    The defendant rises and the judge asks them for their final statements before sentencing. They turn to you and your family, laugh, and ask what's for dinner at the prison they're going to tonight. When all is considered and the judge renders the punishment of death, would you stand up and declare, "It's not just! They shouldn't be killed!"?

    It's hard to argue that it's unfair to end the life of someone who has zero respect for others and acted in a way that deprived your mother, brother, or friend of the rest of their lives. Quite fitting in my opinion. "...Shall not be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process." of the 5th amendment directly implies that the death penalty is totally valid as long as the proper protections are afforded the defendant during the trial.

  • Absolutely NOT, vicious killers have no place in a civilized society.

    Take a look at the Tookie Williams case. Why would anybody give compassion to this beast? What about satisfaction to the family of the victim? What about accountability for your actions? Im an atheist but will still point to the words of Jesus....An eye for an eye, A tooth for a tooth!!!

  • No it should not

    Appropriate consequence is needed for a crime. Whether that is a fine for littering or death for murder. Obviously, you don't sentence someone to death because they are speeding. And obviously, you don't give someone a $250 fine for shooting 15 children at a school. The greater the crime, the greater the punishment. I see no issue with disposing of the trash of society, but I do have issues with paying taxes so prisoners can get 3 meals a day, free health care, gym, television, air-conditioned living quarters, et cetera.

  • You killed someone your life should be taken.

    You killed someone your life should be taken its as simple as that. For life imprisonment prisoners taxpayers have to pay $1.9-$3.6 millions dollars a year for people that killed little children or the elderly these sick animals need to pay for what they did not giving them money to eat and have luxurious stuff in prison.

  • Don't abolish the death penalty!

    We don't just have a law that says not to kill people then kill them. It is punishment for their crime. The majority of people facing the death penalty have killed someone themselves.

    Think of it this way. One of your family members if murdered by some guy. You are beside yourself with sadness, grief and anger. The court tries him and convicts him with murder, but his penalty is life in prison without parole. Your okay with that since your against the death penalty, but there is still a small part of you that wants him to die. The days go by and he is still in prison. Your hit a second time. Every day he eats food that you pay for as a tax-payer. He sleeps in the building that you paid for. He drinks the water that you paid for. In New York one inmate will cost $60,000 of tax-payer dollars to keep it citizen behind bars. This is the website that I got that information from.


    Now I am not saying that people shouldn't go to prison or anything like that, but if someone purposefully killed another person then way shouldn't he receive the same punishment that he gave his fellow man. Now there is some cases where one man was killed by another and the jury found the defendant innocent because the victim beat up the defendants mother. I personally don't think that man should have the death penalty. There will always be exceptions, but don't make the law for the exceptions, make it for the rule.

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