Should capital punishment (the death penalty) be legal in all countries?

Asked by: charlie_hitchco
  • It should be

    While I lean towards trying to rehabilitate criminals instead of just purely punishing them, I have to admit that there are crimes or series of crimes that are so evil and grotesque that the only way to have justice is to enforce the death penalty. To not enforce the death penalty would pretty much be a green light for criminals to do horrendous crimes and then, as is the case in many countries, enjoy their time in jail, as many jails in the U.S. and other countries are more actually giving the prisoners tons if luxury that they don't deserve. The death penalty, in my opinion, should give prisoners painless death in order to not be cruel, but it should still be legal in all countries. Once again, I support rehab more than purely just punishing someone, but the death penalty needs to be legal everywhere to enforce justice.

  • Because government logic

    To punish those who kill or do other wrong, we shall kill, to show that killing people is wrong, why? Because human beings are really messed up, like seriously, me saying this is like, strange, because i am a human as well... Well, nice to know that this whole government by the people in america is NOT working...

  • No! Not in ALL countries!

    It's bad enough to want the death penalty in America, but worldwide is even worse! I couldn't see the death penalty being a positive outcome in any sort of situation. It's inhumane, wrong, and way too cruel. Criminals who deserve the death penalty will have a much worse time sitting alone in a jail cell. And you know what? They deserve it.

  • How would this make any progress?

    If there is one thing that I've learned about people on death row, it's that it takes a lot of time and money to sentence them to death.
    The cost of sending someone to death could be about 2-3 million dollars, according to a study in Washington. It depends from state to state, but the point is that is costs A LOT to kill someone.
    The amount of months for a person at death row has risen in comparison to the past (in 2012 it was about 190 months, or almost 16 years.)
    Also there is a moral argument against putting someone on death row: Who do we think we are that we could end a life, likely because they ended someone else's?
    It isn't morally right to take someone's life because we are supposed to be mature and just when we address criminals, not vengeance seeking.
    What about people who are falsely accused? If you kill them then there is no way to make up for a mistake that big, not to mention the family's reaction.
    The Death Penalty is not the right answer, and it would only be a burden on everyone involved.

  • Is it right to kill another human being?

    Many people believe that introducing capital punishment in all countries will act as a deterrent for severe crime, however it would develop into a vicious killing cycle. If Billy killed Alex , then Billy would have to be killed for that crime. However, Charlie killed Billy as a punishment, but wouldn't someone now have to kill Charlie for killing Billy?

  • It's against humanity

    We can be the messenger of peace . It's the violation of the most basic right the human right to life. If we cannot give life to someone ..We have no right to take it. He can have hard time sitting alone in jail and what can be worst than that?

  • Killing does not stop anything

    I beleive that it is human being's right to decide wheather a person should die or not.
    Moreover, killing does not stop anything. Assume a terrorist is killed for his illegal activities. The state might think he deserved it. But the other terrorists would see him as a martyr and engage themselves into other terrorist activities claiming to take revenge for his/her execution.

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