Should car manufacturers try to find alternative ways to power their cars?

  • Yes they should.

    Car manufacturers are the best group to find alternative ways to power their cars. Nobody knows the vehicle better than the company who made it. They also have the most to lose by not finding an alternative power source. Fuel is not limitless, and eventually it will run out. If there is no fuel than the companies that found different sources of power will excel.

  • Why shouldn't they?

    Yes of course! That paves the way to improvement in the future. Do you think home computers were able to find its way on earth if scientists and inventors didn't find alternative ways to make it smaller until it became portable (ie. Laptops, tablets, cellphones)? The same ideology should be applied to car manufacturers trying to find alternative ways to power their cars. In fact, there are a whole lot of inventions that involve powering a car through electricity--electric cars, hydropowered cars, etc. It's the future, bro....

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