• As a standard feature.

    Ideally a feature that would not be hard to disable and reenable (under the hood, not from the drivers seat). Getting caught on a main road with it disabled, would stack onto various other offenses (there needing to be one in place, for charges to come). Getting too many speeding tickets, would force a non-removable one to be put into any vehicle to which you are the primary driver.

  • If gun control is going to be implemented and bullet limit instituted, so should car speed.

    Really, when are you ever going to go over 90mph in the continental US, and better yet, where are you going to go that fast legally? And if cars were capped at 90mph, imagine how easy it would be for law enforcement to catch unlawful drivers! Plus think about the thousands who would be saved from car accidents that occur from speeding, drunk driving, and multiple other factors!

  • No, absolutely not. No way. That would be an outrage.

    My car is electronically limited to 155mph: this is a feature of most BMW’s, Mercedes and Audis. This is fast enough most of the time but it does mean that on German Autobahns, where there is no speed limit, that I have to move into the slow lane to let Porsches and other unrestricted cars get by (German lane-discipline is, quite rightly, strictly enforced).

    This is utterly humiliating. Imagine how much worse it would be if cars were limited to a mere 90mph: even the most pathetic cars on the road can do more than that these days; I’d have to pull over to let Fiat 500’s, Ford Fiestas, Toyotas Priuses, Kia Picantos, Chevrolet Sparks, Hyundai i10’s and all sorts of other little cars past. Oh, the shame! The degradation!

  • Progress is the way to the Future

    Transportation is the key to progress. The faster we can get information or items from one place to another determines how much we can get done in a standard amount of time. Think of how much more production there is now than in the 1800's and before when people used horses to travel and trains. Think of how much planes have improved transportation in our society. The internet has increase production and economics immensely.

    The primary concern is safety. People should be able to drive from one place to another safely. That being said our highways should be better designed so we can achieve a faster pace safely. I live in Ohio where construction is constant year round. If they have the funds for this they have the funds to make bigger and more efficient roads.

    I personally feel car companies should put some focus on making some car models smaller and more fuel efficient. Bikes are a great method of transportation however our infrastructure does not allow safe and efficient travel. Most people could bike faster to work or most of their destinations nearly as fast or faster than driving. Think of all the money that could be saved by cutting your transportation costs in half by biking. I personally live within walking distance of where I work.

    Unfortunately most of our society is too lazy to walk or bike even very short distances. It even socially unexceptionable not to drive everywhere you go even if it would be easier to walk. I know many people who nearly walk farther to where their car is parked to drive than to walk where they are going.

  • There's an appropriate place for everything.

    You can legally go as fast as you like on a race track. You can go as fast as you like on your personal property. If you want to shoot a gun, you can shoot it at the appropriate location - shooting range, public land (depending on state), or private property. If you want to go fast, do it at the appropriate location.
    What needs to be addressed, are the punishments for individuals who break the speed limit laws - and especially for those who hurt others/damage property if they do so. It's not the tool, car, gun, it is the crime and the person who has just created a victim. Tougher penalties for those who break the law, and no regulation against those who abide by it. No sacrifice of freedom for more security.

  • It violates the free market right we have

    Its really stupid that the government tries to run every one in the country this is America not north Korea we deserve freedom the same freedom that our founding fathers worked and died for. Obama can not take that away and we as Americans need to use our rights to do what we think is best and not just go by what one person thinks

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