Should career choices be made on interest (yes) or academic ability (no)?

  • Yes it can be made on areas of intrest

    We can take example of BILL GATES in his early life he was just an average student but as his area of interest was in computers and all that stuff.. And he achieved great success in his life so this concludes that we can achieve great success in life if we have area of interest

  • I tink yes

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  • It depends on our interest because the thing we like we do our best in them

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  • INTERESTS MATTER!!!(Of course they do!)

    Of course interests matter!!! I know that I am quite good at a certain subject for example geography, but that doesn't mean I want to be a geographer!!! I prefer sorts, baking sewing and Law. Follow your dreams... Not your brain!!! I want to be what I want to be! :)

  • Interest makes your academic also good

    It is obvious that if you have interest in a subject then you will study it more than others and your academic score will be the best and you can easily take career based on that.
    Also there is no use of a career that you don't like as you will never be happy with it or even if your academic scores were good in that thaing

  • Interest makes you better in skills you love.

    I believe interest is the better career choice as it helps you with not only what you are interested in, but it also helps you stay active and amused with your job. To be in a job means to be working for eight hours, which I'm sure of needs to be something you are interested in, to keep your work steady and easy.

  • Career choices should be made on interest.

    Just because someone doesn't have the ability to do a specific career does not mean that they can not learn to do it. You also need to have an interest in the job that you do in order to perform well because if you do not like your job you are not going to want to do your best and you are going to perform poorly.

  • Interests are more important

    Someone may be skilled and interested in a certain area but may not have the qualifications to do it professionally, whereas someone who dose not know what they are doing but do have the qualifications would get the job but not do as good in throughout it that the person without the qualifications who dose know what they are doing.

  • It's about what you're interested in.

    Career choices should be made on a person's interest. Once a person knows what they want to do in life, they'll do whatever it takes to get there. Say Sally is a genius in the social sciences and sucks at chemistry but she really wants to become a chemical engineer. She'll talk to her chemistry teacher, get a chemistry tutor, spend more time on her chemistry homework, etc. She'll do what she must to get where she wants to go. If she goes into the social sciences because that's where her academic ability is, she'll end up being paid less and hating her job. This will send her straight back to college/university to start all over again.

  • Interest is so much more important than ability

    The idea in life is to find something you love to do and then do it. If we made career desicions on ability we would end up with a whole bunch of unhappy workers, you need to enjoy your job because you are stuck doing it 40 hours a week for 40 years.

    When people have an interest I something they will take the time to get good at it and develop the skills.

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  • This is not corrected

    Because career is based on interest as well as academic ability because if no any interest in studies then what will be learn the student and if academic ability is not good then student spoils our career because in academy good teachers are available for students if no any good teacher is there the student career is spoiled

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  • Ideally both but realistically more academic ability

    Ideally we will all have a job we love and are good but the fact of the matter is adults have bills to pay. And any responsible person will put that in front of their passion.

    Even academic ability is not quite correct. You need to pick a career that have job openings. We need to pursue a career where there are demands for it and that we are hopefully good at (or at the very least competent at).

  • Hey study matters

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  • It does depend on academic abilities

    If you make random choices and you dont have the ability to fulfill your choice you will fail in your future.If you dont have the ability to become a doctor and you choose a course to be a doc then uu will fail its because u have no knowledge on that subject

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  • Career choices should me made on academic scores

    For a doctor it may be his interest but without any knowledge on that particular topic or without qualification a doctor is not a good doctor. An engineer who wishes to be but don't have academic ability, may build buildings but what if it falls down, it affects the whole place due to an unknown one, So I think that academic ability has more importance than his interest, but if he has both interest and academic abilities it would be great !!!!! Sometimes you may say that even big peoples like Bill Gates was less than average. But you think what will happen if a person's interest lies to be a doctor and if he doesn't know any works that doctors do, then think about the situation of patients over there. Therefore, we must be aware of that. Be first qualified for what you interested in 'and make your interest where you are qualified. Let us face it- not everyone has the mental or physical capabilities to be a doctor, no matter how much they may be interested in it. I sure would not want an engineer designing a bridge who thought the job was cool but could not pass calculus. Students should choose careers from what they are interested in that are IN THEIR SKILL SET. Of course, if more of them also bothered to choose majors and careers that were actually marketable, you wouldn't have so many of them unemployed or underemployed (lots of baristas at Starbucks with BAs in English Lit), unable to pay back their student loans. Most of the Employers are looking for people who have a very good academic ability in their field of work unless it is hands on work than it would probably be interest but in out time it would have to be Academic ability.

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