• She is doing a good job.

    Caroline Kennedy has done well in Japanese culture which is typically very male dominated. Despite the fact that she made comments about dolphin fishing, she is largely popular in the country. She has also made a great deal of conciliatory gestures regarding the Second World War which have been well received.

  • Kennedy a front-runner as US ambassador to Japan

    Her last name itself will put her right on top of the heap. The man on the streets of Japan still fondly remembers her father John F. Kennedy. Coming to the present it is critical to have a charismatic US figure in Asian circles to neutralize the Chinese threat. It is also rumored that she is very close to President Obama which will only further help US-Japan relations.

  • Caroline Kennedy is a Strong Woman from a Strong Legacy.

    Caroline Kennedy has more or less been groomed for the role of US Ambassador to Japan. She comes from a family rich in political history who have proven themselves. She herself has become quite the business woman and public figure. So was not only a great appointment but one that made sense..

  • Yes Caroline Kennedy should be the American ambassador to Japan.

    After more that a year as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy has earned the respect of Japan's prime minister and the Japanese people. It also doesn't hurt that the Kennedy name still carries a lot of value in Japan. Traditionally the new American ambassador to Japan to receives a ceremonial carriage ride to the Imperial Palace. When Ambassador Kennedy made that ride tens of thousands of Japanese lined the street to greet her.

  • Does she speak Japanese?

    From what I've read, she doesn't speak Japanese. I would expect a Russian ambassador to the US to speak English, so why shouldn't we treat other countries the same way? Further, our ambassadors should have studied the culture of the place they are going to go. I would add that ambassadors should be chosen from amongst senior level State Department personnel that have proven their worth, not political appointees.

  • Uhh no pls

    Everyone thinks Japan glorifies Kennedy's.. They really dont.. Why would they.
    Sure they're aware of who Kennedy is, and Caroline Kennedy is popular enough, but no one in japan really takes her seriously. They know that. They know that its the bureaucrats under her that are the real important "ambassadors".
    So it kinda works... As a face, or popularity contest, but that's about it.

    She's not really knowledgeable in Japan, senkakus, or Japanese us base issues, geopolitics within japan, etc.
    she's close with Obama cause she donated to his presidency.
    This isnt nepotism, and not exactly bribery either, since they aren't "direct".
    But these sorts of politics have existed since the beginning of politics. And I know it wont go away, but we shouldn't support it should we?
    So no, i dont think she should because there are wayy more appropriate people that should be ambassadors. (and they're expensive, for those who like to look at numbers. Not direct salary wise, but everything else is paid for by taxes as well. Food, the banquets that they prep, cars, security, other extra stuff. We need to think if these things are all going to good use, or just a paid vacation for a celebrities "face")

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