• Humans are not the only ones who suffer the negative effects of vehicle use.

    We must also take into account and consider the responsibility of other organisms that are harmed due to the use of cars and other vehicles. By harming the ecosystem we are harming a lot of other animals as well, so not only humans are harmed.

    One could argue that humans deserve to be harmed because they created cars and they need to have their population reduced (as newnation pointed out), however other animals should not suffer the side effects of vehicle usage.

    Also, by reducing traveling, the sense of community in a certain city/town/area/nation will strengthen (this argument targets the utilization of planes as well).

  • They Should be Banned

    Cars and Motorcycles should be banned from the roads because they are polluting our planet. We could use electronic cars and motorcycles instead of cars and motorcycles that run on gas. They are making our planet dirtier and we need to stop this as soon as we can. If we don't ban motorcycle and cars then we will destroy our planet someday in the future

  • Cars are a major source of pollution that can be effectively canceled out.

    On average, 25% of US residents going to-and-from work use public transit. Currently, there are about 710,000 buses in operation around the US, but there is a staggering 253 million cars in operation in the US. Although if compared one to one, a bus produces more pollution than a car, buses are definitely more cost-effective in terms of people translated to fuel used.

    With the current urgent shortage in petrol around the world, it would make the most sense for everyone to use mass transit to help curb the petrol shortage. If the remaining percentage of people in the US who are not using mass transit switches to mass transit, there would be approximately a 400% increase in the amount of buses found on roads.

    However, this is not at all detrimental to the general goal; this actually helps a lot. If the number of buses on the road (US) increase by 2,840,000 (400% of 710,000), and the number of cars on the road decrease to nil, the overall operational vehicle population in the US (cars/trucks/vans + buses) will be reduced from a staggering 253 million to only 2.8 million. This means a 99.8% drop in vehicle-emitted pollution with only a small change to daily life.

    Cars are a major source of pollution that can be effectively canceled out, and the authorities should take action, now.

  • I think that

    We could make and sell more electric cars than gas cars because electric cars cause almost no pollution and are just like normal cars.

    But, electric cars need to be charged during the night which means a power plant would be used a lot WHICH would cause the burning of coal that still leads to pollution

  • Like it or not, we wouldn't survive without the use of fossil fuels.

    Cars are the only practical way to transport materials and people. Airplanes put out thousands of times as much carbon monoxide, so we should also ban those, right? Then, how would we get around?

    I agree that we should focus on making them more energy efficient and gradually move away from fossil fuels, but right now, we would not survive without vehicles. How would you go to the store, to the dentist, to college, to school? How would building constructions take place because then the vehicles building them would be banned? If vehicles were suddenly banned, no one would go anywhere, panic would ensure, and many people would die because many of them live far away from a store. Gas stations would go out of business and the oil companies would collapse, making certain countries lose millions of dollars.

    Also, to all those saying that we should switch to electric cars and motorcycles, think again, this time with a logical basis. Electric cars take hours to charge, and the energy used to charge them comes from...... Yes you guessed it.... Power stations. These stations also belch out carbon monoxide and exhaust. So, technically, electric cars still put out as much exhaust as cars, but are much less practical.

    If everyone switched to cars that were electric, there would be a massive increase in electric companies to power all of these cars, which would result in more exhaust. Also, solar panels and other means of obtaining electricity are so slow and inefficient, they could not move a several ton vehicle, much less a plane.

    If we banned cars and motorcycles because of exhaust, why don't we ban everything that burns fossil fuels? This includes power companies, so no electricity. Let's face it, fossil fuels keep us alive. We can't just suddenly shift to not having them.

    Please note that I am against the use of fossil fuels, and I thing that use of them should eventually be stopped, but we can't just stop instantly. We rely on them too much. We should strive to find a better alternative to them by science and testing, not by just stopping them instantly.

  • We need them

    Hey I get it they are causing pollution because of all the fraching to e the oil. [sorry 4 typos] but we can use other green reourses oddly corn would work. But cars all together help keep the population down. I know that is horrible to sat,but without cars we would be lik china or japan over populated causing majio issues. Even saying all this I am murual they are horrible for the enviormet but they help keep the population down

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