• Horrible pieces of junk .

    Well first off the most obvious reason is that cars are really really really harmful to our world through vehicles emitting large amounts of pollutants. The earth is our home and our provider, we lived without cars before why can't we repeat that. Accidents are caused and lives are lost each year precious lives. Back before the cars invention people use to walk on the streets; imagine all that space could be put into good use. I feel like city/metropolitan area would be better off using public transport. Maybe not banning all vehicles immediately but in the distant future it would be a great decision.

  • No and never

    Use public transport and save the earth!!

  • Ban cars or else

    Ban cars because they emit things that arent healthy then people get asthma because in china there is too much smog and smog rhymes with fog, and also looks like fog but is bad for ur body and u can get asthma because in china there is too much smog and smog rhymes with fog and also looks like fog but is bad for ur body and u can get asthma. BOOOO HOO

  • We have the technology to have a pollution free world, but something must be done about it!

    We don't need cars (and taxis) ! We have electric trains, electric and hydrogen buses, bicycles, and our own legs, which don't pollute the air (assuming the electricity comes from renewable sources), to replace cars that run on unsustainable fossil fuels and produce dirty, unhealthy, toxic gases. We could also replace taxis with cycle rickshaws. Cycling also helps people keep fit and healthy.

    In a future without cars, in a rural area you could walk, cycle, or book a cycle rickshaw online to your nearest bus or regional train stop, where you would continue your onward journey by bus/regional train, then walk, cycle, or get a cycle rickshaw to your final destination, and in a urban area you could cycle/walk across the city, catch a cycle rickshaw, or get a city bus/train to wherever you are going.

    For journeys outside your local area/city, you could get to your local area/city central train station by a mode of transport listed above, catch an electric intercity train, then reach your final destination by transit mode listed above. All electricity could come from renewable sources – hydroelectric, wind, solar, geothermal, tidal, wave, biomass, ect.

    If we want to completely stop global warming and climate change then we have to get rid of everything that produces toxic emissions, everywhere.

  • Cars are a huge participant in the apocalypse

    Have you ever done research on global warming? You should 57% of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is from cars. The most likely world apocalypse is global warming. Unless we find the technology to rip gases out of our atmosphere, its not a matter of if, its a matter of when the world will end due to climate change and our atmosphere destroys our world and cooks us all alive. I'm 16 years old, if i have this much knowledge about this, than adults who say no it shouldn't be banned are just selfish and idiotic. Human nature is to not plan ahead and just live in the moment. This is because we are use to paradise and we don't think anything will happen to us because we are the dominant species and have no natural predators. Its time for us to plan ahead and think about our children. Do you want them to be cooked alive in our own world? There are so many reasons as to why cars should be banned. I guarantee you that people won't listen to me and nobody will do anything until its to late, it almost already is. Do we really need cars? Do we really need paper? THE ANSWER IS NO!

  • They must get banned

    They are bad. They kill people they damage the environment. So boom boom boom boom boom. They are bad they are bad so hi hi hi. I for one want to live in a clean healthy world so one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelvw

  • I wouldn't say cars should be banned but I do think we need a new way of transportation.

    While having your own personal car might be fun and all, I think its a bit overrated, In my opinion it would be much better if we use other transportation ways bet you we could come up with millions of ways to travel without using cars. Millions of people die every just because of car accidents and a lot more are injured. Imagine the world without cars, It would be great. Speaking of we already have a bunch of ways like trains or I would even rather have horses and add some railroads, You know where I'm going with this. Another thing I would like to state is the amount of space our cars are taking(parking, Etc, Travel) and how much more stuff we could have put instead of cars. Anyways this was fun to write and sorry about any bad grammar or wording, After all I'm only 13 and I am not as experienced as most when it comes to language arts, I probably wrote this in like 3 minutes and did more work than I would do in school, Anyways. Have a great day or thanksgiving since that is what it is for me!

  • You could walk places again

    Why do we need to travel far distances on a regular basis? Cities can be built to support needs -- food, Shopping, Jobs, Leisure -- without needing to go far from home. More cars means more space taken by roads and parking garages, Meanings things get spread out, Making it so cars are more necessary. If cities are built to be walkable to begin with, Then cars aren't so necessary for day-to-day tasks anymore. People would be healthier.

  • Please ban cars

    Those cars are making 34% of the world's pollution. . . But why are people still making these pollution makers? Let's live in a clean and peaceful world! I don't wanna hear those noisy and rowdy beeping sounds and all the shouts from parking lots when people fight with the space needed for them. Let's just make parking lots into flea markets when it is empty when there are no cars in there! ☆ Let's ban cars everyone!

  • We should not ban cars!

    Why do we need to ban cars? Cars are much faster than humans and it is much more relaxing than walking 5 miles in 2 hours, But car can just drive for like 10 minutes until you reached your destination. I suggest we should build more electric cars because regular cars uses up gas and pollutes the earth. So my argument is that WE SHOULD NOT BAN CARS!

  • Cars are beneficial :

    It takes an Ambulance these days hours to call out as a parent of a severe Asthmatic Child, Its more beneficial to me to have a car outside the door for an emergency than waiting hours on emergency services.
    I can commute easier with my son who has Autism in the environment of his own car and it reduces the Hussle and bustle of buses and people for him it leaves him calmer.
    So from a health point of view I value the used of my car.

  • Cars are great

    Cars are great beacuse they are easy to drive. If u thing we should get rid of them than you are a fucking idiot. Cars have been around for hundreds of years and if you wanna get rid of them then what will we drive. A fucking plane just for a fucking mile! Danm idiots

    Posted by: vghf
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  • Cars make people happy

    If you've driven a stick shift, You know the joy of rowing through the gears. Cars make people so happy, And with electric that just isn't there. They bore people. The sound of a nice engine makes anyone happy. If you haven't, Get a manual car and check out your nearest windy road.

  • Cars are good

    Not everyone likes public transport. Gum on seats, Dirty seats, Often no seats, Noisy groups of people. . . Also private cars are more comfortable, Chances are you won't run out of seats, You can eat and drink, And you can choose where to go for holidays, Road trips and the like.

  • Loss of employment

    The ones who :

    repair cars
    make cars
    test cars
    sell cars decorate cars
    trade cars
    teach people how to drive
    and those who provide fuel for cars will lose their job.
    Do you really want this ?
    If not vote for the opposition and think about those people !

  • No no no

    Cars are the bet so we can get to places we need to get to. So if you need to get to work or some job inerview so that is why car are able to get to places we need or really need to get to so we do not need to walk and tack a very long and hard time to some weir importamt

  • Why do people jump to conclusions so quickly????

    Argument 1: Cars are polluting
    Answer: Electric vehicles do not pump a bit of Co2
    Argument 2: But most electricity is produced by coal plants and the such.
    Answer: So why don't we ban tvs, lightbulbs and other major parts of modern day society that we would literally die without?
    Argument 3: So uhh, what is so bad about public transport?
    Answer: It is highly inefficient for the working class citizen who does not have much time on their hands to get on a bus, wait 10 minutes, get on it, arrive 50 minutes later due to several stops and walk to work taking another 10 minutes, instead of hopping into a car to take 30 minutes straight away.
    Argument: Too many people die from car accidents!
    Answer: Yes, due to carelessness and often low awareness about the importance of a speed limit and safety tested car. In a country like India, where speed limits are ignored and everyone goes for the car with the biggest touchscreen instead of the most airbags, problems are bound to happen. A choice could be to install an electronic limiter, as cars are so wired up that this might really not be too difficult.
    Argument: Congestion will occur!
    Answer: Then upgrade public transport so that you can get anywhere anytime without compromise! There is no need to ban cars once people realise how efficient a system of trains and buses like these are in place. A day only has 24 hours after all, none of it can be wasted in today's world.
    Answer 2: If cars do get banned, I and hundreds of thousands of other loyal car fanatics will stage a coup to remove whoever decided that banning the lifeblood of our time is a good idea.

    If horses where banned in 1810, if steam trains were banned in 1890, if sails were banned in 1772, where would our world be today? Maybe later, preferably after I die so that I do not have to live in such a disgusting world, the world will be ready to move to something else. But not yet...

  • Cars are such a crucial part of our society taking them away will obstruct many things

    Cars are the safest, most comfortable and efficient way of transport, I need to wait for a bus or train to come, then wait for my stop, while probably standing for 30 mins, what about transport from city to city, 5+ hour drives, cars are so crucial taking them away is an obscene idea which should never be agreed to, plus have you heard of Tesla, Renault Zoe, BMW i8 and i3? These cars range from the cheapest to the most expensive and they're all electric, which is saving the environment, and most of them have advancements in safety like lane assist, stoping tailgating etc. The excuse that we should use buses is downright stupid, if we ban cars, buses will become more mainstream, they are old, low safety, high emitting vehicles which aren't comfortable to travel in which brings us back to square one when we had the same problem as you "apparently" have with cars. Trains don't reach every area in a city and what if I just wanted to visit a friends house where the bus or train does not go, what pain will that cause walk maybe 10 odd km just for that, there are more plausible options than to ban cars and i seriously think we should consider them.

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