• Why shouldn't they be banned?

    London already bans all sorts of stupid things, why shouldn't they ban cars? The use of automobiles causes a higher death rate than firearms, in every country, regardless of policy—and firearms were banned. Cars cause so many deaths and injuries that they are a public menace.

    And seriously, they drive on the wrong side of the road. A country (or city) that's stupid enough to enact a policy like that should not even risk the use of cars, for fear of their inanity spreading to the people.

  • I think cars should be banned in London

    First off when I broached this topic with my parents they were all for it; second the way I see it, apart from taxi drivers, bus drivers, emergancy services and delivery vans, the only reason why people drive in London is just because they can rather than they need too. Also the public transport system is so good that most don't need to drive as every part of London is interconnected anyway. Also the health benefits due a reduction in air pollution that can be gained by banning cars is fairly large as well. And will help reduce congestion, which is becoming a bigger problem every year

  • Why should they?

    Cars aren't the only cause of global warming, in fact why don't you ban everything else too then? Ban cars, motorbikes and let's say planes since they produce so many greenhouse gases. We're living in a modern world and it would be the stupidest thing to do to ban cars in London.

  • This topic is Idiotic.

    First of all, why does the comment posted by AvidDebater have to do with cars or anything? If it does, then he should ask if cars should be banned everywhere. It is a fantastic mode of transportation. Yes, maybe you can just walk everywhere, but it's a huge city. People aren't really "killed" by pollution that way, but next time, debate about pollution instead of cars overall.

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