Should cars have built in breathalyzers to test for alcohol consumption?

Asked by: Auragirl360
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  • Breathalyzers in vehicles

    Should cars have built in Breathalyzers to test alcohol consumption? While many might say that we shouldn’t, I say that we should have Breathalyzers in cars because then that will lead to less traffic deaths related to alcohol. There are many advantages to having a Breathalyzer in vehicles and there are also many disadvantages. An advantage would be, less traffic deaths, less health problems. For example, if the person is drunk all the time this will let them not drive, so the person would have to be sober with will make them healthy and not damaging liver and other functions of the body. Some disadvantages of having a built in Breathalyzer in a car is that someone who is extremely drunk may have a person who has either drank a little bit or not drank at all do the Breathalyzer sample and end up letting that person drive. I still think a Breathalyzers is good to have because it might lead to less alcohol incidents, leaving the world less alcoholic. This is my opinion on Breathalyzers in vehicles.

  • Ignition Interlock Device (IID)

    In the case of a DUI/DWI incident, a driver may be required to install an ignition interlock device (IID) in their car prior to regaining their driving privileges. The device requires the driver to blow into the mouthpiece on the device, which then reads the blood alcohol concentration (BAC). If the BAC is above the preset limit in the device, the car will not start. Furthermore, the driver is required to do a "rolling retest" periodically while driving by pulling over or stopping at a stop light and blowing into the mouthpiece again. It is possible for the driver to "trick" the device, but everything on the device is recorded and punishment is severe.

  • Not sure how it would work but in theory...

    In theory, there should be built in breathalyzers in cars that prevent the car feom starting until a breath sample has been given and prevent the car from starting if the driver is over the limit. I know it's a bit farfetched but it's just an idea.

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  • Not a good idea...

    Having breathalysers in cars is a bad idea. I know people think it would be more convenient and easier, but as tyleremery2383 mentioned, the driver is able to 'trick' the breathalyser, and quite easily so. It would just be a better idea to get the police to conduct frequent breathalyser tests.
    Also, if someone learns how to trick their own breathalyser in their car, don't you think that if the police do stop people to test their breath, they would be able to trick the police's breathalysers as well?

  • No, and also NO!

    I am a law biding citizen and I don't think I should have to blow my car so it will start for me. Yes some people are drinking and driving and that is dangerous and wrong, however the law biding people of America should not be punished because of the idiots out there breaking the law. Should we ban whip cream because idiot are using it to do whipits.

  • What the heck is the point

    Wow there is absolutely no point to it. Police have them already why do we need one of our own. What's going to happen?
    Officer: hey where you drinking tonight? (tries to pull out his breathalyzer)
    You: oh here use mine instead.
    Really, really, really.
    I do not see the point at all

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