• It doesn’t make a difference.

    Both electricity and gas harm the environment almost equally. If we do decide to power cars using electricity, the energy will end up coming from fossil fuels. Most cars power on gas and therefore, manufacturers and people understand more about gas operated cars. Converting all cars to operate using electricity is wasteful and time consuming as companies will have to find alternatives to their current machinery. Furthermore, cars operated by gas are much more efficient and less time consuming than charging a car through electricity. Although, oil is limited, our knowledge of using electricity is also limited.

  • Cars should use gas

    We should continue to use gas powered vehicles till we come up with a more efficient and cheap power source. Oil will not last for ever but it is the cheapest and most efficient source compared to electric cars. We should use gas so our economy and our progress is not slowed. We need to use gas to continue to explore alternate forms of energy. So lets use gas to find new sources of energy.

    Posted by: CFS
  • Cars should use electricity.

    Within the next 50 years, we will run out of oil, which means the end of millions of businesses and companies. Also, various machines will also stop functioning. However, if we use electricity, we can reduce the use of oil. Electricity is unlimited, since it comes from reactions between various elements and properties. Oil on the other hand is generated over thousands of years inside the Earth. Not to mention the fact that we are destroying our planet by the second. Also, wireless charging for cars could be implemented if we use electric cars. For example, you could construct wires and currents below the road, transmitting energy to nearby electric vehicles. This could reduce the use of oil and conserve it for later use. Not to mention that electric cars don't cause pollution unlike some other oil/fossil fuel-powered cars. Always remember: Oil isn't unlimited, and our planet isn't immortal.

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