Should cars with loud exhausts be banned from the streets

Asked by: mnadla
  • Yes they should

    I have a Toyota Camry and it has a muffler exhaust it really sounds nice but it's not quiet and it's not loud it's the perfect volume. I love how I can hear my engine roar but it hate how people have super loud cars that sound ugly and old. They are just annoying and disturbing they peace.

  • Prove your manlihood otherwise

    All those with a little penis syndrome should find another way to prove their manlihood. You might want to join the army, and go to the front line in Afghanistan and there you can drive a loud tank. But I bet they'll be too scared. Its beyond me why these things are legal.

  • It's not your "right" it's a disturbance

    Having a loud exhaust is not your "right" or freedom, If I can hear it inside my house when you drive by at night, It's too loud.

    You'd get fined for throwing a loud concert or party or screaming in the streets and keeping everyone awake, You shouldn't be allowed to keep everyone awake with your stupid aftermarket exhaust because you think it's cool. V8 or 4 cylinder, Ban em all. Keep your performance, Lose the noise.

  • Your not that cool

    Thank you for letting us know you are just so cool. Loud pipes are for racing. . . . Not going to the store for milk. Stops signs are not ticker lights, Going to work is not a heat. Perfomance is not how loud the hole in your pipe is. We don't care how fast you can go or how loud you are. It is completely destroying people slowly with noise pollution.

  • Please. . . We should stick together and place a ban on making your vehicle loud as possible.

    I moved around my city to get away from the noise and it just keeps following.
    I wish it could be labeled as a noise pollution and the cops would crack down on it.
    Im not for the arguing the freedom of choice to modify your vehicle to make it sound cool and loud. . . We are all very tired of hear the noises of the night.
    One night, I was driving back from work I had encountered one of these types of vehicles that blasted out noise so loud that it made my brain lose focus on the road that could have either crashed into something or someone due to my slight impairment for a minute passing by their loud vehicle.

  • Stop flooring it in residential areas dickheads

    Although I love the sound of a 600 horsepower v8 rumbling through a set of flomasters and can't stand these modern ricer fags with 90 horsepower fart cans I think if ANYONE is caught accelerating loudly in a residential area ANY time of the day you should face a heavy fine. I live near a main road and constantly have to put up with the same annoying small dicked drivers that feel the need to floor it 6 times a day as they turn onto the side street.

  • Chav. Brainless. Morons.

    Hey everybody, Look at me, I'm a total dick! What, You don't like my car? Well fuck you! These people are just a total waste of space! These guys need to do a Thelma and Louise and drive they're shitty noisy cars straight off the white cliffs of Dover! ANNOYING!

  • They serve no purpose

    There is no reason to have a loud exhaust other than to have a loud exhaust, It doesn't increase performance. It is selfish to inflict this wretched sound onto other people. You can't drive with a loudspeaker outside your carndue to the noise, I do not see the difference, Both are noise pollution.

  • Public streets public rules

    I'm tired of being woken up by white trash college drop outs who work at gas stations and liquor stores to fund their drinking and drug habits and drive by at 2 AM in their 2010 honda civics with chinese muffler mods that don't even boost hp because you'd need to improve air flow throughout the whole car but most of these guys don't know shit about cars.

  • How can this be stopped?

    I can't even believe the sheer amount of (usually young unconscious men) who are getting away with this! It's unbelievable to me how disturbing the sound that these cars make! In the messages above many are stating it is an attention seeking behavior. Are people really this desperate for attention. Wow! How can we stop this madness?

  • Restrictions on Car and Motorcycle Noise Will Negatively Affect the Medical/Pharmaceutical Industry - One of the Few Bright Spots in the US Economy

    Noise is GDP-positive. No one should restrict it. There are an army of folks in the Silicon Valley working on automating many tasks that people get paid too much to do and don't do well enough - clerks, taxi drivers, truck drivers, train drivers, stock and inventory replenishment, cashiers, cooks, so many jobs. The rest is off shored. Your iPhone isn't made here and neither is the computer server hosting this website in some data center - it's all made in China. The fabs/factories cost billions and it's too hard to train people here to work those jobs. Even Apple employs more low paid workers at Apple stores than US software engineers.

    The one place you can get economic value out of people boosting GDP regardless of their intelligence is medical/pharmaceutical. Many people aren't intelligent enough to understand the health implications of certain activities - it's impossible to explain it to someone with limited intelligence/education. But you don't have to explain anything to people to treat health problems with drugs. Even people of limited intelligence know pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression - a checkup shows hypertension.

    Medical/pharmaceutical is 20% of GDP. We can grow it without forcing people to learn new things. Let them be free and boost GDP treating their illnesses.

    Noise from traffic, loud car exhaust, etc. has been conclusively proven in scientific studies to cause hypertension, anxiety, insomnia, depression, cognitive deficit/performance decline and for children, it causes behavioral problems, poor school performance and other problems.

    People who live in high income neighborhoods don't drive loud cars and motorcycles. In Atherton, Ross, Hillsborough, Woodside, Los Gatos (the nice part, not the meh part), you will not hear one single loud, burble burble car. If a person these neighborhoods drove a loud car or motorcycle, they'd be talked to - subject to enormous pressure.

    You can't explain science to folks with limited intelligence. They usually say "Yeah, but that doesn't apply to me or my family because we're different." The best you can do is hook them up on the subscription model. I own Merck, Allergan and GSK shares. I support pharma paying for doctors' trips to Hawaii with their families for 'seminars' etc. in exchange for pushing product. Nebivolol for hypertension is $130 a month - that's $1,560 per year per patient. A 35 year old with hypertension who'll live to 70 will generate $54,600 from just one on-patent drug. The cost to produce $54,600 of pills? $80, sometimes less. Belsomra, excellent for insomnia, is $328/month. Assuming mid-30s onset, that's a lifetime bounty of $137,760. Lexapro is about $260 a month, a lifetime bounty of $109,200. That's $301,560 over 35 years, or 26.8% of the ENTIRE PRETAX INCOME of an average US worker over 35 years (median personal income). Laugh, but median income workers in the US provide more GDP value in pharma bounty than any other area of activity. It's their economic function for the foreseeable future. Mess with that if you want a 10 year recession.

  • No it shouldnt

    Modded cars show the personality of the owner. If someone wants to have a loud exhaust then i support that. I want a loud exhaust but you can get in trouble for moddified exhaust. This is AMERICA DAMMIT.It is saying certain more words are needed so im typing so i can submit

  • Gonna stop crying

    Why don't you all stop crying and ruining peoples fun. Cars are loud so what. Wear a pair of ear plugs if you don't like the noise. Loud noise cos racecar brap brap brap brap brapb rap brap brap brap brap brap brap brap brap brap brapbrap brap brap brap brap brapbrap brap brapbrap brap stututututu

  • No they should not

    Loud cars are in all classic vehicles because of the size of their engine. To ban these cars would confirm a blatant disregard for history. Disturbing the peace is done in ways other than noise; a loud car driving by is far less disturbing than public intoxication and violent crime and a ban would put the cars in the same field as these offenses. A ban would be a great example of poor policy making by our legislature.

  • V8's no but 4 cylinders...Ban them all

    I have a camaro ss with the Borla Attack catback exhaust and it just wouldn't sound right without it. I really dont know anyone who doesn't like the rumble from a large V8.

    4 cylinders on the other, what can I say. I truly am embarrassed for the fools running around in their civics and mazda 3's with the stupidly loud exhausts. First, the sound isn't menacing but just ear piercing (like a 9 year old girls shrill). Secondly, if you idiots are going to install that crap on your imports, at least have the common sense to get some work done on the engine. DON'T BE A RICER (Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancement)! Even non-gear heads think your tools!

  • It's a freedom thing

    People should have the freedom to what they want for modification to their vehicles
    it's good be different from others and some people express their happiness with mods such as aftermarket exhaust systems.
    It doesn't physicly harm anyone it might not what other people like but who cares about other peoples thought on your vehicles.

  • It is what cars are about

    Besides how the car looks, most of people like exhausts notes. From my perspective the way a car sounds is one of the most important things. Of course if its a four cylinder with a fart cannon. No i would not like that to be legal, but if it is a toyota supra or ford mustang or chevy corvette its ok to have a loud exhaust. Those cars sound amazing. If you hear it coming you are forced to turn your head and look at it as it goes by. It just might be my opinion but loud exhausts are peaceful to me, more peaceful than some electric car driving by considering you cant hear them, silent cars are more dangerous to, try to take that into acount.

  • I believe that

    If you want to have loud exhaust you can, but if you are going to be a douche bag and just rev your "good sounding" car all the frking time, i say no. All the world needs are more insane revving idiots who will cause a natural disaster, and don't even get me started on ricers...

  • It's Been Around For A Long Time

    Cars with loud exhaust have been around for a long time and we can't simply place strict bans/restrictions on them just because they have loud exhaust systems.If the car itself is loud when the engine is not revving at high RPMs then I can understand but it kills all the fun and raw driving experience that has been around for 70+ years.Therefore,I support keeping loud exhaust systems legal and the driver can rev it out every now and then but again, if it is exceptionally loud then it must be regulated to some degree.

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