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  • Casey Anthony should not sell her story.

    I am sure it is a pack of lies. It isn't right to try and profit off of her daughter's murder. She changed her story so many times and she was a lousy mother and lousy person. She blamed her father for abusing her and letting her daughter drown. She is disgusting.

  • No, Casey Anthony should not sell her story.

    Unfortunately I think she probably will sell her story even though it would be so disrespectful for her to profit from her Caylee's death. But when has Casey Anthony cared about being respectful? She clearly has shown no signs of truly caring about her daughter and most likely did kill her. I really hope her story of lies is never sold.

  • Shouldn't but will

    She is inevitably going to cash in all the ways that she's provided an outlet to do so. It's highly immoral but you know, killing your kid isn't particularly moral either and I think most of us are confident that she did that regardless of a flubbed trial. It's going to happen.

  • No Casey Anthony should not sell her story

    No, I do not think that Casey Anthony should ever sell her story. Since her story is about her daughter's death, I do not think that it is right for Anthony to become wealthy over a tragedy like that one. Anthony should respect her deceased daughter and not try to profit from her passing.

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drwalk says2013-04-14T22:12:08.380
No but she only thinks of herself. So, she may try. I hope she get hit with the karma bus soon.