• Casinos cheat people!

    Casinos are rip offs. They promise people stuff they'll never give anyone. There slot machines trick people in to playing more money & then loosing it all. They don't not good places they rob people of there finances & gambling ruins the lives of many people & this is indeed bad for everyone.

  • Nature follows the same path, no matter how much you divert it

    The way I see it, if people are silly enough to throw their money away when the odds are so low, then they deserve to lose it. If you take away Casinos, then they will find another way to lose their money. I think avoiding it is just a waste of time. Besides, Vegas brings in ALOT of money into the U.S, both via being an attraction and via the amount of money people lose at the casinos.

  • Casino is one way to enjoy

    Casino is one of the things that are not good but nessessary. It's like LOTTO. Lotto is managed by government. People can dream and spend time doing those. Problems are the people who cannot control themselves who spend money beyond their abilities. If casino is used wisely by people , it can be itself an attraction and landmark. Consquently, shutting down casinos are not nessessary.

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