Should Catalan become an independent nation apart from Spain?

  • Spain is robbing Catalan like America to California, never mind the history

    Unity is certainly something we should endorse and promote around the world, but should it not be the right of a people, when they feel it their right, to declare independence from a greater nation? Is that not what the United States did? This is why I actually think that Crimea should have been simply allowed to join Russia. People have to understand the fact that Catalan is richer than the rest of Spain, and Spain has treated Catalan like a cow to be milked. It is for thisw reason that catalan wanted independence, they felt as if the country was taking advantage of them, that's all.

  • Everybody has the right

    Every large group of people have the right to self-determination and the right to declare themselves a separate entity. The Catalan people have had a long history of their own culture, and, if they desire it, should have their own country. People do, however, need to take the full ramifications into account.

  • Selfish catalan nationalism

    I am Catalan and Spanish and I can tell you all this debate is about money. Catalonia receives billions from the EU. In this crisis, Europe needs solidarity, not selfish economic nationalism. If Catalonia refuses to support less prosperous regions of Spain, why should the rest of Europe help Catalonia save its banks or finance its growing pension bill?

  • No, they need Spain's protection.

    No, Catalan should not become an independent nation apart from Spain, because Catalan is a very small place, and the region does better with the protections of Spain. Catalan would have a hard time mounting a defense force. It would be surrounded by Spain and by France. Catalan is better off sticking with Spain's resources.

  • Much would be lost by doing that

    Spain is divided in terms of the type of people and the class warfare. Many people just know that. But just as the Roma people in Eastern Europe are slowly getting jobs, the Catalan people and/or poor people in Spain can eventually get jobs to help out Spain. It's a matter of patience.

  • Catalan Is Huge Part of Spain

    Catalan is a huge part of Spain and separatists are more prominent in the Basque region. Although Spain does have a lot of regional issues among its different ethnic peoples. Catalan is home to Barcelona, a huge cultural hub. Although it borders France, Catalan should remain with Spain rather than risk forming a separate nation with Catalans on the French side of the border.

  • No, they are integrated just fine.

    No, Catalan should not become an independent nation apart from Spain, because they are able to practice their culture while still being part of Spain. Catalan is small in size, and it is helpful to have the protection of the Spanish government. There is no reason to believe that they would run their economy any better than Spain.

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