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  • MacKinnon's maternalistic philosophy is not deserving of a free society

    Mackinnon's theory that all pornography is violence against women to some degree or another and her efforts to develop anti-pornography ordinances commit two serious fallacies. 1) She presumes a causal claim between the material viewed and actions committed (similar to the argument that violent video games cause violent offenders) and 2) she presumes that the choices of adults can be subverted by her theoretical position.

  • Only some of her theories.

    No, Catharine MacKinnon's theories should not be propagandized more, because some of the theories are still relevant and current, but other theories are old and no longer need as much attention. Her views of pornography are very valid and should be given a lot of attention. But other views, like sexual harassment, are already quite well-known. MacKinnon's theories should be publicized to the extent that they are still not well known, but are still current issues.

  • Far too radical

    She is far too radical to be widely taught and widely heard throughout the world. More radical feminism is not what is needed, especially now, since mainstream feminism has a number of good points to make and having highly visible radical feminists to point at water down the idelogy's point as a whole.

  • More Research Needed

    Catharine MacKinnon's theories need more research, not more propaganda. We already know women are sexually harassed in the workplace on a regular basis. Many women are afraid to speak up because they are afraid to lose their jobs. MacKinnon doesn't need more propaganda for her books--she needs more women to do more research in order to affect change in our patriarchal society.

  • Propaganda Is Bad

    I do not believe Catherine MacKinnon's theories should be propagandized more. Doing so insinuates that the person pushing the view points wants people to pick these ideals up as pure fact. This isn't the case and people should be forced to switch viewpoints based on someone elses. The world never needs more propaganda.

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