• A Liturgy for Todays Society

    Catholic mass today is very distant from its congregation. In mass, many people respond without even realizing what they are saying. The way the liturgy is set up now discourages younger generations from getting involved. There is a very small sense of community or unity. The mass feels like an individual session compared to celebrating a religion with the people around you.

  • All their faith

    Yes, it should be further modernized beyond Vatican II, but only if the leaders of the Catholic church get together and decide that this would be the best move for the Catholic church to make. The people who run this religion know what they are doing, and will decide themselves.

  • Make Language More Plain

    Language in the Catholic liturgy should be made even more plain for commoners can understand what is going on within the context of the mass. First-timers who walk in the door may not understand some of the pertinent details, although it is impossible to completely get the service and its meaning in just one try. The Catholic church needs to try to be more accessible to the masses.

  • Do not modernize the liturgy

    Catholic liturgy should not be further modernized beyond Vatican II because Christianity is based upon ancient findings. Catholicism should not be bringing modern ideals into age-old liturgy. To do so is to disrespect the Church, Christianity, and God himself. Catholics should embed themselves in the older ways of belief since they are the ones closest to Jesus' time on earth.

  • You lose tradition

    Its strange to me that people think that people do not stay Catholic because it is not modern ie: in English and very accessible. Judaism, Hinduism, and many other religions have kept very similar or identical practices going together for literally thousands of years, so it can clearly be done.

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