Should Catholic priests be heeded no matter what?

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  • They're just men in black shirts.

    One thing that many people seem to forget is that religious people, including those Catholic priests, are merely human people who have devoted their lives to serving God. This does not make them godly, perfect beings. It makes them humans who have chosen a profession. They should be heeded with about as much caution as a school crossing guard.

  • No, Catholic priests are not gods.

    While people may look up to Catholic priests as honorable religious figures, they are not deities, so they are fallible, just as any Protestant preacher or minister is, as well. Some Catholic scandals have helped demonstrate that priests are people; they are certainly capable of sin. While they can be looked upon for spiritual guidance, they are not gods.

  • Catholic priests should not be heeded no matter what.

    Catholic priests should not be heeded indefinitely. Especially given the recent sexual and child abuse scandals surrounding the Catholic church, priests should be held under intense scrutiny to make sure they are behaving ethically. If there has been misconduct, especially involving abuse, priests should be punished and removed from their positions.

  • Catholic Priests aren't Perfect

    Church followers shouldn't heed Catholic priests no matter what because they are not perfect individuals. They can make mistakes and can give terrible advice or misleading information. With that in mind, people need to learn to filter what these individuals say and figure out what's reliable and what is not.

  • Priests Are Not Perfect

    I do not believe that Catholic priests should be heeded no matter what and I believe it is a bad practice to do so. Scandal with sexual molestation charges have shown that even priests make bad life decisions and no one should trust anyone with full authority. People should always have their own moral compass, so they can decide what is right for them.

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