Should Cecil Rhodes still be presented as a hero to the British people?

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  • Cecil Rhodes is history

    Cecil Rhodes is now a part of history. However since history itself accommodates the political, social, cultural views of every age and the present views on equality and minority rights views Cecil Rhodes and his statue as both controversial subjects. For the British however Cecil Rhodes cannot really be written off. His political or social views however are difficult to support in the present day and age.

  • HIstory should aim to reflect the truth and not take sides

    Although I believe he made a lot of important contributions to history, Cecil Rhodes was a believer in the supremacy of white people and he also greatly exploited African nations. His story should still be told , but history should reflect the truth and not present him as a hero.

  • He should not be considered a hero in this age

    In this age of global connectivity, a man like Cecil Rhodes who considered the English to be a superior race should not be presented as a hero. The British should be looking for heroes who supported tolerance and equal rights for everyone instead of someone who thought he was better than the rest of the world.

  • No, Cecil Rhodes should not be presented as hero anymore.

    Cecil Rhodes left a legacy built on oppressing a entire race of people. His diamond empire is responsible for exploiting African labor, resulting in the deaths of thousands. It is indefensible to keep promoting him as a hero. Cecil Rhodes's legacy must be allowed to fade away from British culture.

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