Should celebrities be given more (yes) or less (no) privacy?

  • Celebrities should be given less privacy.

    I think that celebrities should be given the same amount of rights as any other citizens. Unfortunately, once they become a public figure, they are going to exposed to a lot more scrutiny and attention than the average citizen. As long as their rights are not being broken, I do not see anything wrong with the way the paparazzi is treating them.

  • They should be given the same privacy as everyomne else

    I do not know why certain people think they should get special rules just because they are rich and famous, I can see maybe certain leaders who are running the country, but celebrities have the money to disappear and going into hiding for a while if they want extra privacy.

  • They are people

    It is easy to forget that the celebries we see on TV playing our favorite character are people too. The same golden rule stating that you should treat people the way you want to be treated should apply to celebrities. They lead stressful lives and don't always need a camera in their face.

  • Celebrities get fame and fortune in exchange for privacy

    Anyone who has chosen to be a celebrity must accept that their private life (sexlife, relationships, whatever) is essentially public property. Maybe this is wrong, maybe it is right, but whatever anyone does or says, that's simply the way things are, and telling them and ourselves otherwise is just giving them a false sense of security/privacy. So, no privacy for celebs!

  • Being a celebrity means you gave up the right to privacy.

    A person doesn't become a celebrity if he doesn't want to be one. By accepting celebrity status, you get the high salary and the fame that goes with it. But continuing to be a celebrity means you must keep your fans happy and stay in the public eye. Celebrities have no right to privacy. They traded that right for the fame and the money.

  • No, they are celebrities for that reason.

    Their children should be left alone of course, but celebrities are fair game for photographers and autograph askers anywhere they go or they would not be making all that money and would not have their publicists alert media all the time. Most are not famous for their talent but just for being out there. The few who are talented and want privacy generally get it.

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