• Yes yes yes

    Celebrity are public figure . Many people will automatically imitate what she/he has been done , especially iif teenagers see it . As long as they are still public figure , they have to spread positive attitude . And also ya know drug is really bad for our health especially if we are woman .

  • Drugs aren't needed

    Celebrities should be held to the same standard as the rest of the population. Drugs aren't needed to "Improve creativity". These people are the ones who children want to imitate. How would a parent feel if his or her child was found high on ecstasy, because of some celebrity who has it as a lyric in a hit song? It's my opinion.

  • Celebrities are people too.

    I could not express in words how outraged I would be if I was monitored for what I put into my own body and as such, I feel that a celebrity would probably feel the same way. Celebrities are in no way responsible for the actions of other people. Even if a person was smoking pot solely because they see how Wiz Kalifah reveres it, that person is still responsible for the choices they make. No celebrity put the joint in the kid's hand and forced him to get high. No celebrity is forcing the masses to snort mountains of cocaine. People in this society are always the first to point their finger at someone. When in actuality, three more are pointing right back at them.

  • They're not important.

    If a celeb uses a drug, it affects no one's life in any way, unless the celebrity (*cough* Lohan *cough*) harms another person. It's like monitoring Syria for chemical weapons use. They MIGHT use them, and they MIGHT harm people, but it is not our job to do so, wastes our time and money, and it affects no one on the outside at all. I'm taking potshots at you, humanitarians. Oh, and by the way. *celebrity

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