• Celebrities Should Be Politically Active

    Yes, celebrities should be politically active as celebrities are in the spotlight and should use this attention to bring light to political causes that may otherwise go unnoticed and overlooked. If one has power to bring attention to something, then one has the obligation to bring that attention to as many people as possible.

  • Yes, celebrities should be politically active

    Yes, celebrities should be politically active because I think that everyone has the right to be politically active. Moreover, celebrities already have a well-known face and reputation that could draw others to their cause. One obvious caveat is that I may not agree with their cause, but I also believe in freedom of speech.

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  • Not necessarily but...

    Celebrities tend not to be masters of governmental policy and the effects of policies similar to it that have been used in the past or in other countries and should not claim to be. When a celebrity endorses a particular bill it is often without any background information and a majority of their fans will likely support it but they will be supporting it with little to no logical reason. It often relies on a false appeal to authority. Now all that being said I believe in free speech and if a celebrity wishes to bring attention to a subject they are absolutely free to do so i just ask that they research the topic first and dont take advantage of that fact that many people will believe what they say without question.

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