• Yes, it can affect people's safety.

    Yes, because especially like on airplanes it can affect people's safety. People will be yelling and asking for autographs, which can distract the pilot and also, arguments can erupt. If they are to say go in first class, it is much safer for everyone. They may have no difference between other people, but safety is better than jealousy.

  • They agreed to the spotlight

    Celebrities make a lot of money and intentionally put themselves in the spotlight. The courts even treat celebrities differently, saying that they chose to be public. There are lines that shouldn't be crossed, like involving people's children, but the celebrities themselves can't expect to have only the good parts of fame and then shut themselves off otherwise.

  • But they will be.

    The truth is, celebrity comes from a lot of places, even just from looking like you are rich, confident, and well to do.

    In that sense, while I find the idea of celebrity ridiculous, as a person may play a nice person on TV but be morally reprehensible in real life, there is no changing the fact that they are really the aspirational figures of our society. People want social currency, so they will treat these people as amazing, because people already think they are amazing.

  • We are all humans

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  • All people should be treated the same

    Celebrities are talented but so are plenty of other people who do not get any media attention.Just because celebrities know how to hog the limelight is no reason for them to be treated differently. Besides, they have enough money to buy what they want at any time, so there is no need for them to expect preferential treatment.

  • We are all human

    The only difference between a celebrity and another person is often fame and wealth. If someone were to act inappropriately and/or illegally, the same repercussions should take place that any other person would have to face. It is only fair. Our justice system is skewed but this is something that needs to be at the forefront. Celebrities should have the same treatment.

  • They get paid to pretend

    Celebrities are like anybody else, even though they are held up like Gods. Once they do something negative they are seen as falling from grace. What grace? These people get paid way too much to pretend to be something they are not and then get awards for it, while doctors get a fraction of what a celebrity makes to save lives. It's absolutely ludicrous. We really need to get our priorities straight.

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