Should celebrities get special praise for helping out during civilian emergencies?

  • Celebrities should get special praise for helping out during civillian emergencies.

    Many people today, especially young and impressionable teenagers and children, are exposed to celebrities on a daily basis, whether it be in tabloids, magazines, movies and TV shows, or advertisements. If a popular celebrity helps out during a civilian emergency and receives special praise, these people are more likely to hear about it on the news. They may look up to the celebrity, and many people make role models out of celebrities. If they recognize that this celebrity did this good task and received praise, then they too should be able to do it. This will encourage more people to help out during civilian emergencies or at least be informed.

  • People shouldn't get praised for doing the right thing

    Celebrities are not altogether greater than the common man. As a society, we've inflated celebrities into these god-like beings, and it just isn't right. During a national emergency, all people should band together for the greater good, including those who just might be famous. Should they receive any more accolades than the common man doing the same thing? Absolutely not.

  • Celebrities are people; they are not gods.

    Celebrities should be treated like ordinary folks. They are not special in any way. Doctors, firemen and police officers save and protect people. They deserve praise. They deserve respect. The celebrity doesn't need any more respect than the bus of red cross volunteers or religious affiliates. In fact, those who come out with less to offer more to those in need are far more courageous.

  • Celebrities get special Praise?

    Celebrities should not get special praise for helping out during civilian emergencies. Or rather, they should get no more praise than the average Joe who helps out. Celebrities are in a better position to volunteer or help during these emergencies, with more visibility to the world to encourage others to help out and more money to donate, so no special praise is needed

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