Should celebrities have private lives (yes) or does the public have a right to know (no)?

  • Celebrities are humans too!

    How would you feel if reporters were to stalk you? "modify" your statements, leak pictures of you and ask you some very private questions? Your life will be difficult and when you have your occasional mood swings, you'll be labelled as the "celebrity with stardom!" Often, it's heard that celebrities are difficult to be with and around; no one cares to look at things from their point of view! Yes we're all human kind, but are we kind humans? That's something to think about.

  • Celebrities have lives like any other human being and have personal problems they may not want the public knowing.

    Celebrities need privacy. Lets say they have a family member die or their child gets cancer. They don't want the public to know what was going on, unless if the celebrity wants the public to know what's going on in their life. So don't try to get to know what is going on.

  • Yes they should have a private life

    Celebrities are no different to us , they are still human. Why should we have a private life if they cant .Think about it they are only different in the way , they are famous . They have the same rights as us . How would u feel if u got followed by camra men all the time.

  • The celebrities are human, like everybody.

    The humans being are so curious, so we always want to know what happens around us. When something catches our attention we feel the necessity to know about that something and the celebrities always stand out. In consequence of that we created a job which can fulfil our necessity: reporters and paparazzi who investigate about the private life of the celebrities to gain money and make us satisfied.
    On the one hand, it’s supposed that the celebrities choose their professional career taking into account that they will have to being exposed to a lot of people since they are public iconic. It’s similar to the doctors, when they chosen their professional they knew that they will have to treat people although if they have to do it at 3a.M.
    On the other hand, say that they haven’t the right to have their own private life is like if we say that the celebrities are not human inasmuch as have a private life is a human right. In other words, the celebrities have the right to go in a romantic date without feel forced to do it public to make the fans satisfied.
    In conclusion, the people have to get used to the idea that the celebrities are humans and they need privacy, despite of our curiosity. Or at least, conform with the news that the celebrities want to share with us and don’t demand for more than that. Furthermore, the work of the celebrities should be just limited to performing.

  • Public figures HAVE private lives

    Choosing to be in the public eye DOES mean you don't get to choose when, where, and how you are seen. But choosing to be recognized for a talent or a passion you want to share publicly doesn't mean you should never be seen as a regular person 'off stage'. You and I are just normal people. But if I love to sing and decide to show people that, all of a sudden everything I do is no longer private? Even the things that have nothing to do with the reason I became famous? That doesn't sound logical or moral.

  • Everyone Deserves Privacy

    It is true that celebrities choose to put themselves out there almost every day and that they leave there social media unlocked for all to see. But, I think that it is vital to have privacy when you want it. I've heard lots of celebs saying that it's stressful enough being in the media industry but the stress is piled on when one has to worry about popping down to the shops to get groceries.

  • We are all the same

    Celebrities need private lives. They have enough stress as it is, transportation, divorce, kids, etc. They shouldn't have the constant anxiety and stress when opening the front door .... Like are thought actually serious???! Just let them live their lives in peace and leave them alone. Rant have officially ended

  • Everyone needs privacy

    Public figure are also people, just like us. They also need some privacy and they must have secrets they want to keep for themselves. And for that, the public needs to give their public figure some privacy. By giving privacy, the public figures can also feel like a normal person and they will feel respected that way.

  • It is there job

    After all they are human ,they make their living through this job ,i wonder if people who say no wanted that wherever they go they followed, every where peeping on their private lives taking your ugliest photos and then post it in social networks or newspaper.MAKING A HILL A MOUNTAIN

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    VYes they should have a private life Celebrities are no different to us , they are still human. Why should we have a private life if they cant .Think about it they are only different in the way , they are famous . They have the same rights as us . How would u feel if u got followed by camra men all the time.

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  • They choose their path.

    Everyone the world over chooses their path in life. Celebrities, politicians, all decide they want to be in the lime light, want power, money, whatever the motivation. With that decision it means they become public property, as the need the public to make them or get them the status they desire. Therefore as with anything that is public, it is open to scrutiny. Them and their lifestyle becomes public property.

  • They should have known

    The walruses are mean, they needed to know that they would'nt have privacy after being a celebrity with paparazzi and crazy fans they would never live a private life again.Those silly walruses, they can never live a private life again NEVER its sad but its true unless your not that famous then i guess your ok.

  • They can't have privacy as they had a choice

    Unfortunately, celebrities are not able to have privacy as much as a typical citizen. But I and many others don't see that as a bad thing or feel bad for them because is something they were warned about, they should know about them no longer having a private life. Also it's a main point of being a celebrity, how you get more fame, money and fans by having your life out there. Being a celebrity is not a job, it is a life you have chosen, even if you then decide not to be a celebrity anymore, you will still have those crazy fans loving you, haters hating you and paparazzi stalking you no matter what you say, do or get into for example Zayn Malik and he's sure not the only one.

  • It's their choice

    They chose to be celebrities. When choosing to take that occupation, they knew that there was social media and media to take care of so why do they complain now? It is a vital part of their lives and they can afford to hide themselves and they should just put up with it.

  • Celebrities life is on the basis of entertainment.

    A celebrities job is to entertain the public. It's the price of fame, they shouldn't expect that when they become famous to have a life in private, they gave away that privilege by becoming famous. If celebrities do not want their drug addictions, affairs, alcoholism or parties to be a headliner or out for the public to see then they should be abstinent or not become famous... It's not paparazzi's fault that celebrities fault that they have a bad reputation; they wouldn't have such a bad one if they didn't go about things the way they do.

  • They make themselves celebrity.

    No, celebrities should not have private lives, because they give up their private lives by wanting to become famous. People who put themselves out there as actors or musicians cannot demand the fame and recognition without wanting the attention that comes with it. They should know what they are getting into.

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