• No celebrity should get involved with politics

    There is a reason that celebrities should stay to do they are supposed to do eg sing, act and just look pretty. Like MP’s, they handle the politics. If celebrities get involved it would be quite chaotic because most youths would follow in step with them instead of using their own common sense.

  • It is dangerous

    Celebrities are too influential, especially in a society dominated by social media. It only takes one glance at my twitter feed or Facebook wall to see the dangerous consequences of this. People are increasingly reposting celebrity views on political issues as if they have genuine weight, and these rapidly garner support to the point where celebrity opinion replaces the facts on the issue. It was very distressing to see people picking sides on the complex Israel-Palastine issue simply because Cristiano Ronaldo refused to wear a team jersey. If we've gotten to the point where a soccer player's actions determine the way people view arguably the most significant and complicated international conflict of the last century; there is definitely something wrong.

  • Eureka! 11 reasons why: actors should stay in Hollywood and not dc

    1. Celebrities are often out of touch with real social issues and just generalize on charities target audiences instead of just researching social issues on the ground level as opposed to the birds eye view.

    2. THE HOLLYWOOD ESTABLISHMENT ITSELF is bias and always has views controversial to the general public no matter if it's anti liberal or anti conservative. Hollywood always sticks it to the ppl.

    3. Hollywood actors are in a organized mob mentality due to the fact that unless they join an actors guild they can't get anywhere in the industry. I learned that from a theater proffessor. Therefore instead of promoting the free individual Hollywood has an organized mob mindset bias against free Americans. Collectivism high taxes only the super can afford. Oligarchy

    4. Actors are reckless and mentally unstable look at most child stars gone wrong. Who knows what weird views they possess.

    5. Most script writers are disturbed and influence actors in the roles they play. Often in intense dramas actors have to see a quack to get over what they lived on screen. Hint hint drugs.... We need sober minded ppl in dc not recovering addicts.

    6. The egos the actors have are triple that of out normal politicians corrupt on capital hill that are tough on us. If we thing they are bad to deal with imagine actors with larger fortunes and how egotistical they would be in office.

    7. It's bad enough some movies are subliminal now we have to see actors views out in the open!

    8. Actors are fake and don't care about real issues they want to steal your freedom and empower themselves I a crooked double standard.

    9. If we think bill Clinton did bad with Monica Lewinsky imagine what the actors did to rise to the top and what else they would once they invade capital hill.

    10. The actors are liars and hypocrites power hungry with endless resources on a mission to self destruct. Far worst then any normal bad politician cuz at least the status quo had education and experience in the real worl. If the actors enter the political arena we would be back in the days of emperor Nero and all he'll would break loose.

    11. No experience. Under qualified it's like a surgeon that says I'm not a doctor. But I stayed at a holiday Inn last night. And then you die. Don't let this happen to the country as a whole.

  • They should keep quiet

    They do not know what it is like for a struggling middle class or raise a family as a single parent and work. With all the money celebrities have, I do not think they have experienced it themselves. To be honest, celebrities try to get into politics to get a name for themselves. Instead of really focusing on the US citizens, they make the economy or the state bad.

  • They should keep it to themselves

    I don't think celebrities have it when it comes to politics. They do not know what they are doing because it is for the people of America. They should think like regular US citizens before entering into politics. They have their own favorites and have huge biases. They should think a little and do a lot of research about the people of America and how to help them, not themselves.

  • Choose one or the other.

    I don't go to the movies to see Barack Obama star in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean flick, so I don't see why I would want to go to the polls and find Steven Segal running for governor. Celebrities really often are not that bright or qualified to do much more than acting. Using their popularity at the polls is an unfair advantage that ultimately does a disservice to the voters.

  • They don't represent the people.

    They haven't for a long time. I wish they did more research before they got involved before putting their opinion before facts. They support high taxes and government takeover of the whole economy so we can all be poor. They love Obamacare too. They need to be the rebels and support the people and not the government.

  • Too Many People Are Gullible Enough to Not Think For Themselves

    Celebrities understand deeply the power that they can hold over large groups, and they use that to their advantage too much of the time, especially in political stances. I will never let any celebrity influence my vote, but many people already do. Have you ever seen those advertisements with gay celebrities such as Ellen in them calling Republicans evil (not that I disagree to an extent) and forcing for a vote for Democracy? THAT is what needs to stop.

  • The can't relate to regular society anymore...

    They can't relate to regular society anymore so they should have no say in politics because it doesn't affect their pretentious well paid asses. Half of them are on drugs whether prescription or illegal and are so out of tune with what really affects the middle class. All they seem to really care about are social issues and not what would make a better middle class standard of life. Also many of them are idiots who think they are better then the majority. Would you want someone like that representing politics on your behalf?

  • They should keep it to themselves.

    They don't know what it's like to be in the struggling middle class. They're so wealthy, all they care about are social issues. When people like Katy Perry wear Obama dresses and attire, how is that fair? Of course that's going to influence the voters who are already horribly uninformed. I've even heard people use it as justification as to why they're voting for certain people. It's not fair that all these major celebrities gain tons of votes for their favorite candidate, just because people will do what they do.

  • With big platforms come big responsibilities

    It is cowardly to have a large platform and not speak out about injustices that are happening in society. Several black celebrities have come out and spoken out about systemic racism in America. This is powerful, important, and sends a message. Systemic oppression of muslims and hispanics are also important issues. While I think celebrities should try to better educate themselves, I can at least respect the ones who vocally support candidates, bills, and take sides.

    When celebrities avoid politics or stay neutral, it comes off to me as self-serving. In a society with so many injustices happening, neutral is taking the position of doing nothing. They are choosing their fans and profits over what is right.

  • If influence is the issue then politicians themselves shouldn't be able to speak about politics

    Most of the arguments here say that celebrities can influence the gullible. So? Does that mean a Twitter account with a ton of followers shouldn't be able to tweet about politics? Or a politician who has a large following shouldn't be able to speak about politics? The influence argument just doesn't work. Celebrities are people too who should be able to express their opinions.

  • We live in freely being able to do what ever they want.

    If kid follow what the celebrities does then that there flat. Now I am doing this to get more words so i can submit this.


  • I don't watch actors for their political views or lifestyle views, only their acting and storytelling skills

    Normal ppl work at their job supporting their families and don't get ANY recognition for how well they do their job. Actors get the benefit of all these award shows to recognize their ability in doing their job. We don't watch to see their political views or their lifestyle agenda. We want to see good stories and a little bit of time to escape the real world for a few moments. That is why we watch tv or go to movies, to be entertained. Not to have their opinions forced on us.

  • Because..We have the CONSTITUTION

    Celebrities are Americans FIRST and as such have the RIGHT to voice their opinion and get involved. It's called the CONSTITUTION, which conservatives claim to uphold against all else..Unless someone with a differing opinion steps up. It's that simple, they have fry he right of freedom of speech like everyone else!

  • Most weren't always rich

    Those who worked their way up know what it's like to be an ordinary, middle class person. They haven't forgotten their roots. Now that they have influence, why shouldn't they use their voice to advocate for others? Why should their lives be restricted to their job? Those who say that celebrities only exist for our entertainment are being elitist, placing themselves in the position of king and the celebrity as jester. But they forget that the jester was the king's most valued adviser.

  • They need to stick to entertaining

    Most celebs are in a box and only concerned with environmental and social issues. The economy of average Americans does not enter into the equation for them. Just as the middle class SPOKE regarding the downfall of the Clinton dynasty.....They can also SPEAK to the livelihood of many celebs who overstep their bounds in speaking politics when it is the average American who pays THEIR paycheck at the box office and buying their music. The obviously have no business sense or they would not take the chance of inflaming the hands that feed their mouths. Loose lips sink ships

  • It's a free country!

    They have a right to say what they want, other citizens can't stop them from putting something out that they don't agree with. In amendment one it say's we have freedom of speech they can say whatever.They will shed light and bring awareness to viewers and the viewers would be more socially involved.

  • Theres one simple reason

    They can be PAID to say something. They can be used mouth pieces. Heck, several have been used already. They can be paid to outreach and be used. And Politicians know this, who honestly actually looks at the campaign videos anymore? No, we look for recognizable faces and names. Because we think theyre always good people, because we watch them and because they're famous and well likes for the roles they do.

  • Generalisations about celebrities.

    Making an assumption that celebrities should stay out of politics based off one or two examples does not mean they are all the same. There have been artists and celebrities who have turned out ti be good politicians. The lead singer of Midnight Oil, Peter Garret later became the PM for Australia, showing that not all celebrities are better off outside of politics.

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