Should celebrities receive more attention while pregnant due to their status?

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  • No, anyone can get pregnant.

    No, celebrities shouldn't get more attention while they're pregnant. They're just regular people and honestly, anyone can get pregnant. Just because you're famous doesn't mean your pregnancy is the best thing to ever happen. Celebrities should only receive attention for what they're famous for, not for being able to procreate.

  • High Class More Problems

    The American Pop culture plagues us once again. When a regular person gets in a car crash, no problem. When a regular person, gets a DUI or pregnant, it's not national news. Why should it be any different for a celebrity who is only trying to live their live? You " don't like the example they are setting", look around, the Earth is a bad example.

  • No, celebrities should not recieve more attention while pregnant due to their condition.

    Celebrities already receive a large amount of attention for any number of reasons. Being rich, or in a movie, or on a sports team makes them worth excessive public scrutiny to the general public. Simply becoming pregnant is not a reason to give them even more attention. It does not contribute to society any more than it does when a non-celebrity becomes pregnant.

  • Celebrities being pregnant are no more important

    More publicity for celebrities while they are pregnant is not necessary. When someone who is not a celebrity becomes pregnant, people may ask questions but they aren't following their every move. Why should we care how much weight they gain or what foods they crave or what they wear and buy for the baby?

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