• Each Situation Is Different

    Even though celebrities are rich and famous, they have the same desire for companionship and healthy relationships as everyone else. At times, these rewarding relationships could take place with their fans. Although celebrities should always use caution when interacting with fans, avoiding these interactions completely could make the celebrity miss out on some wonderful connections.

  • Celebrities reach out to biggest fans

    Most celebrities these days already have hired bodyguards. Popularity is in the interest of these stars because it brings in more money. They can increase their popularity by spending time with fans. It makes sense that celebrities would then decide to take the small risks in order to increase their popularity and wealth, especially if they have hired bodyguards.

  • Yes, celebrities should be personally involved with their superfans.

    There is nothing wrong with a celebrity meeting their superfan and forming a relationship with them. It shows the public that the celebrity is a real person who cares about their fans. Additionally, the ability to meet an idol shows young boys and girls the importance of remembering your roots after you become successful, and may strengthen their resolve to do as well as they can in life.

  • Selena proved celebrities should keep a healthy distance from superfans

    Superfans can prove extremely valuable to a celebrity but there should be distance between them. For one, they have no idea if this person is psychologically healthy or suffering from erotomania, a dangerous form of obsession. The latter could literally cost the celebrity their sense of safety and in some cases like Selena, they can pay the ultimate price.

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