• Out of touch and ill-informed

    Living in their privileged bubbles of Los Angeles and New York City, most of today's celebrities have no real idea of the struggles faced by ordinary working Americans. This is compounded by the fact that their circles of friends and acquaintances are largely echo chambers for progressive ideals that have never encountered a meaningful rebuttal because the opposing voice simply does not exist in their worlds. Every awards show reveals it, and demonstrates once again why no American should care what a celebrity's uninformed opinion might be on any issue of national significance. They have the right to say it...But we, as a society, need to stop listening and think for ourselves.

  • Celebrities aren't in touch with reality

    Considering that celebrities make more money in one movie or TV show episode than the vast majority of Americans make in a lifetime. They do not know the struggles we face. Most do not know how to do anything for themselves (case in point, reality shows). They live in a dream world. Therefore, their political opinions do not influence me except for a loss of respect for them.

  • Too long winded & opinionated. Lets not forget what they are ACTOR'S..THEY LIE FOR A LIVING!!

    I'll just start with one name "Opra" nuff said..A lot of people respect and like Opra , so when someone like her puts her two cents in on a running mate..She is influencing (or basically telling the public who to vote for) because a lot of people dont know what's up..So they just take her word for it. Just like the View..Ellen..And this list could go on and on. Why can't the MEDIA PERIOD only report the news ( like with the weather & sports ..Tell the truth)You know what is said " The truth shall set you free!!

  • Don't be a sheep!

    I think celebs should keep there opions to themselves,to many believe celebs because who they are.HOW ABOUT THIS STUDY THE CANIDITE AND FORM YOUR OWN OPIONIN.Just like the Media should give us facts not spin.If i was a celeb i would worry about loosing some of my fan base.I guess when u have alot of $ whats the difference.

  • Popularity vote for celebrities

    If we allow celebrities into politics and they go head to head with another party, they will get the "popularity vote" for being famous but not for the political vote. This way it is un fair to other candidates. There are also examples of bad things celebrities have done in politics, and surprisingly there are more negatives than positives. For exmple, arnold schwarzenegger stopped over 133 billion dollars going to special ed students, 275 billion dollars going to wards chirdren murder scene investigations and stopped the credit bill inn california which is probably some of the worst things to ever happened in politics since 1987

  • No, they should not voice it unless they are comfortable putting themselves completely behind it.

    I will never forget when someone asked Britney Spears about how she felt about President Bush. People called her stupid for backing him. She was trying to promote US unity and people took it the wrong way to find a way to make fun of her image more.
    Celebrities live off of their popularity and what comes out of their mouth and their actions are everything to their career. Everyone is free to believe what they want and enjoy anonymous voting. Telling their opinion (like I am) invites someone to challenge and start a debate that can damage or enhance their popularity. It's serious business.

  • I support every Americans right to the 1st Amendment, However i will play the Devils Advocate here:

    Celebrities harbor a unique power that an average citizen in the United States does not have, they have a large platform to speak from. While some Celebrities possess a well versed knowledge of Politics, a majority tend to express a band wagon knowledge and obvious bias. Just as celebrities publishers coach them on actions in public, their words carry more weight with devout fans. Celebrities tend to have an Idol role in youth these days, the good, the bad and the Ugly all stick with impressionable youth. With so much power to influence they should be neutral in opinion publicly unless well versed on a political issue. Hollywood has a very left leaning ideology, and with such they tend to bend politics to their world view leaving out fact or in some cases truthfulness. Surface level political knowledge can be embarrassing to the celebrity commenting on a political issue. Despite left or right world views it becomes irritating to hear Hollywood's utopian world view applied and discussed when they have lost sight of the average blue collar and white collars knowledge of a political issue.

  • No, Celebrities Can be in Politics if They Choose

    America has a long history of celebrities in politics. Look at Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both politics and show business put people in the limelight and if celebrities want to use that light to work on social and political issues that is a good use of their time. Look at Angelina Jolie who has used her fame to bring light to hunger and other atrocities abroad.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I believe celebrities should stay in politics. I believe if they do participate they should take the time to understand the issues knowing that some people may follow their lead. They should have good reasons for publicly supporting a candidate. I think this is one of the benefits of being a celebrity, the ability to influence other people.

  • If they believe in a cause, they should speak for it

    People should realize that ultimately celebrities are human. Some of them are intelligent, persuasive and well-informed. Some of them are not. Celebrities who are passionate about politics should certainly get involved and help promote their party or platform of choice. At the end of the day, people need to find out what they believe for themselves, and not just blindly follow a celeb.

  • Celebrities stay out of politics

    Celebrities should not have to stay out of politics just because they are celebrities. They are entitled to their opinion on what happens in the world we are all paying high taxes in. So to say they should not get involved in any way at all would be going against freedom of speech.

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