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  • Watch something else

    People are saying "No" yet here we are looking at the Golden Globes, Oscars, Screen Actor's Guild, Etc. I am a scientist. Where are the Scientist Awards on TV? I am feeling revulsion at the over glorification of the actors and our attention has empowered them to let them pontificate to us about their personal and political opinions. Protest by not watching the over hyped award ceremonies.

  • It's just a popularity contest...

    Being "famous" just means people know what you look like. Everyone, including celebrities themselves (because of all the people around them telling them they're "God's gift to man") think that they are above or more talented or deserving than the average person.

    The truth is that they are just LUCKY. This world is full of massively talented people in every area. Celebrities just caught a lucky break and met the right person at the right time. There is nothing more to that.

    Then, they market these people to influence society in reductive and severely damaging ways. We can thank celebrities for promoting self esteem issues in young girls and women. Apparently we have to look a certain way to be worth someone's time or attention or to fall into the beautiful category. Guys think they have to be like the guy in the movies and look as good to get a woman. Girls think they have to have the body of that celebrity to get attention or feel wanted. Celebrities advertise all these products to make people more beautiful or sexy according to social standards. Most of these products they are promoting are animal tested (something everyone should look into because it's horrible how brutal they are to these animals) Some celebrities have charities that they don't really donate to but more of a tax write-off. They live luxurious lives with everyone around them agreeing, stroking thier egos, VIP exclusive events, money thrown at them and when they don't get their way someone comes​to make it better. These people couldn't be more disconnected with life and these are the people we glorify. Headline news report celebrity drama at times (someone broke up/so and so are fighting on Twitter/so and so went to rehab... That's definitely headline news). We constantly ignore the good people making real change in the world because we are so brainwashed and fixacted on these celebrities. And let's face it they don't know you, they aren't your friends, they don't feel personally connected to you like you do them... They love that you love them and that you give them your hard earned money time and time again.

    It's just rediculous how much people look up to these celebrities who are just people who got lucky and you know what they look like. And the embarrassing​ and degrading ways some people behave trying to get famous (because they want the life of a celebrity) just proves how screwed up society is. It's a sad popularity contest.

  • No, it's disgusting.

    I think the glorification of celebrities is one of the worst thing for society. And now, in the digital age, there are even more ways to gain stardom. For example, if a youtube video goes viral, the person is instantly famous and known world wide. This is not a good thing.

  • People live real lives

    The majority of people try to lead real lives and contribute something genuinely productive to society and their families. Celebrities live in a protected bubble away from the real world, and we idolize this escape from reality, but the truth is that these people should not be idolized or envied at all. We need to take a step back into the real world.

  • Celebrity culture should not be glorified.

    No, our society should not glorify celebrity culture. By glorifying celebrity culture, we paint an unrealistic pictures for young people to try to live up to when the fact is they will most likely never live a life of similar quality to someone who is considered a celebrity. Maybe we should glorify scientists and social workers instead, those who actually do things for the benefit of the greater good of society.

  • Celebrity culture should not be glorified

    Society's obsession with the activities of celebrities is difficult to understand. Celebrities are often wealthy, but not compared to many other people who lack celebrity status. Why shouldn't we be more concerned with the lives of CEO's and CFO's? They are considerably more successful, and they actually have lives that could inspire others to success through hard work. Celebrities are often actors and singers that work for 3 months out of a year pretending, or playing. Celebrities should not be glorified as success stories.

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