• They r dope as shit

    Our property we should be able to use it y y y y y y y y y y y y y y t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t tttttttt t

  • Students will be able to look up things easier

    These students will be able to look up things easier but only if the teacher lets them do it. The kids will not be able to get a calculator easier if we have to. The kids will not be so disrespectful if phones were allowed. It would be fair for them

  • Limited Cell Phone Usage in Schools

    Students should be able to use their cell phones in elementary and high schools under limited circumstances. These devices shouldn't be used during class, but it doesn't hurt to allow students to use them on their breaks or lunches. However, a limited use policy produces the best results for students.

  • Kids need to stay connected, too.

    I really don't have a problem with cell phone usage being allowed in our schools. Kids will eventually figure out that there's a time and place to use those phones, and that it's not in the middle of class. Also, communication by phone and text and social media are facts of life in the world today, you can't expect kids not to partake.

  • Yes as long as there are restrictions

    Cell phones should be allowed in school and dealt with the same exact way they are in college. When a student is in class, the cell phone should be off or on silent and they should not be used to message during class. However, when class is over they should be allowed to be used. Each teacher could make exceptions about the messaging rule as they wish. This is how it is in the real world so might as well get the children used to it now.

  • Cell phone usage should be allowed in schools

    Yes, I do think cell phone usage should be allowed in schools, provided that it doesn't interfere with class time. I don't think it would cause any harm for a student to make a phone call between classes. Allowing cell phones could also be a safety benefit in classrooms. If an incident were to occur, a student could make a call or send a text message to get help.

  • Only in specific circumstances.

    Cell phones should not be completely banned from schools. They have safety benefits and can be quite useful at times. However, they shouldn't be routinely used as tools in classes. That's what computers and calculators are for, and it's harder to play games (and conceal that fact from the teacher) on a computer/calculator.

  • They should be allowed at prescribed times.

    Although the argument for cell phones in school could easily go either way, I say yes. This is because I think it's important to recognize that technology has changed drastically along with the way that families communicate. Though it's difficult to think of an instance where it would be imperative for a child and parent or caregiver to have to communicate during the school day, I think there should be allowances for being open and accepting of the evolution of how we communicate. I'd say that with certain prescribed times (lunchtime, recess), cell phone use should be allowed.

  • Not completely No!

    Cell phone usage at school has always bugged me. I understand it's fun and you can socialise but children need to get real. I am for and against this topic as I would say not used for leisure activities but used for contact with parents after school. The reason I say this is because not everyone has a phone like me and it is unfair for the non phone people.

  • Cell phones should not be allowed

    Because school is for learning phones just mess up children's social life and mess up children's education. And im pretty sure that parents don't what their kids to come back with a note from the teacher saying that their child has been goofing off in class with their phones.So I disagree that children can have cell phones at school.!!!!!!!!!

  • No, students are there to learn.

    No, cell phone usage should not be allowed in school, because it distracts from student learning. There is nothing so important that a student would need to talk to a friend about that cannot wait until the end of the day. Of course, an exception should be made for calling parents, but only for limited situations.

  • Only for emergencies

    Even though I think the age limit for people to have cell phones is getting younger and younger, I think it is acceptable for young people to be allowed to carry cell phones during school hours; but, strictly in case of an emergency. They should never be allowed to be doodling on their phones during class.

  • No, cell phone usage should not be allowed in schools.

    I believe that cell phone usage should not be allowed in schools. If students had their cell phones, all they would want to do is text their friends or check the Internet. They would not pay attention to the teacher. Cell phones going off with all the different ring tones would be a huge distraction in the classroom.

  • I don,t think cell phones should be used in school

    Because if everyone had their cell phones out all day… no body would learn anything and teachers wouldn't be respected. School is supposed to be for learning, not for Instagram! Too many students at my school have their phone out during important study sessions or other classes and i don't think they should. Some people even have the nerve to answer phone calls during class time! Nobody realizes that the teachers have the power to take away kids phones.

  • No they should not.

    I really don't feel that cell phones should be allowed in schools. We are not the generation who would use our cells only a the time of adversities or problems . Cell phones should not be allowed as they are a source of distraction for the students. They open social networking sites when the teacher gets boring or something like that. They are also a source of cheating in tests. Do we really come to school to use mobile phones?

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