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  • Phone is a must

    Phone should be allowed in class because it is easier to search for informations. Other than that , we also can take a picture of the notes on the whiteboard if we dont have much time . Lastly , we can call or text our parents if there is something left at home.

  • Yes they should

    They can help with people Use cell phones to monitor students or children, Cell phones can be used as Emergency tools, Cell phones can be used as Reminders, Cell phones can be used to access internet, Cell phones can be used for communication in schools. Letting kids use phones in passing periods would make them not want to use them in class. Helps to keep parents to keep in touch.

  • Yes we should be aloud to have cell phones in class

    What if something were to happen during school? Lets say that someone was in the bathroom and their was a shooting going on out side, they would be able to get a hold of someone (911) to tell them about it. Now, lets say that they don't have their phone. They would not be able to do anything, they would probably be hiding in a corner from the shooters. Students should be allowed to have their phones in class.

  • Yes, they should

    A lot of people don't give kids enough credit. They have willpower (*gasp*) and know when to do the right thing. I admit some kids at my school seem like they would abuse these privileges, so give it a try! If it looks like certain students can't use their phones without being distracted, then maybe the other kids who can should be allowed!
    Also, some schools have only one WiFi with a specific password. While this can be a hassle when the school gets new computers, cell phones do not require WiFi to actually function. As long as there is service, a cell phone can do pretty much anything. The only that needs Internet connection is YouTube and certain games, which the students should not even be going on anyway.
    This brings me to my next point. When on a computer, students usually use YouTube to listen to music, which can lead to them becoming distracted. However, cell phones have lots of apps that do not play video when a song is requested. Plus, these music apps play music even after the phone is turned off.
    In conclusion, I strongly believe that students should be allowed to use their phones in class.

  • YAS it should

    I think cell phones should be aloud because some people need to use it for a calculator and some people might have a family tragedy going on. Not everyone uses it to text there boyfriend or girlfriend. They might use it for research and school related stuff. They need to let them.

  • Phones should be aloud in class

    Phones may be concidered a destraction but they can actually be very useful during class time. For example, if a student needs a dictionary but the teacher has none the student can then look it up on their phones for the definition of the anonimus word. Those are afew reasons I support kids should have phones in class.

  • Phones should be aloud in class

    Phones should be aloud in the classroom because if the teacher is speaking, you can record them and listen to whatever you were told again, also if you have a smart phone you can go onto the internet ant look up things that are class related and that help you. Although phones can be a distraction, the student should turn of his or her phone. Phones should be allowed in class because they can be a help for the student.

  • Phones should not be allowed!

    If you are on the phone a lot the it can cause brain damage and even worse. They can cheat, Watch inappropriate videos, Their phones can ring and get others distracted. When the kids are using their phone they will not learn any thing or they can call other friends in other classes! PLEASE DO NOT LET KIDS HAVE THEIR PHONE IN CLASS!

  • That's not good for children.

    There are much reasons. First, Cell phones can disrupt class. Second, Students can be addicted to their phone. Third, Cell phones can be noisy. Lastly, They can cheat. These are most important problem. Every exam (tests) can be mess. Every big and small tests! So we shouldn't allow the cell phone in the class.

  • Phone's should not be allowed!

    Phones should not be allowed in class because they are distracting and can have negative effects on your grades. If you're not paying attention in class you can miss out on important information that could be on a test. This would make it so that you lose marks. A study done by scientists also concluded after doing a test on how having a phone in your peripheral vision effects your focus, that people who had a phone in there peripheral vision did 20% worse than people with no phones doing complex tasks. This is because people nowadays are so used to paying attention to there phones and hearing go off, or seeing a notification pop up.
    So overall phones should not be allowed because they can be distracting and can effect you're grades.

  • No it shouldn't

    Being realistic, students will always find a way for cheating. Students often forget to turn off their phones in class, and ringing noises or text-message alerts disrupt learning.
    • Even if set to silent, cell phones can still cause distraction, since text messaging has become a high-tech method of passing notes in school.

  • No, they are distracting.

    No, cell phones should not be allowed in class, because there is nothing so important that a teenager would need that they would need to be on a cell phone in the middle of English class. It is more important that students put their phones down and pay attention to what is happening in class.

  • I think not.

    In the few classes that I have had where teachers allow students to use their smart phones to look stuff up or to take notes, the students usually abuse the privilege. As it is most kids spend the time when they are bored to go on instagram or twitter, and all the other social media's that I think students would get to distracted or bored in class to get anything done and they would abuse it.

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