Should cell phones be allowed in elementary school?

  • Yes they should

    Kids should be able to have a cell phone because if there is a intruder they can tell the police. And if there is a shooting they would want a phone to appear because what if you are found and shot because you don't have a phone?That is why I think they should be allowed.

  • There is no wrong in phones

    It can be kept in backpacks and may save your lives.
    Its no harm to us ! It may get you help in need. To prevent distraction in the class you may not be allowed to use them till the class gets over.While an emergency you can use them to contact to your parents

  • I am a ten year old 5th grader. I had a cellphone and I had no trouble.

    Just because you have a cell phone, it DOESN'T mean you will text in class. People who BELiEVE girls do this in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL are crazy. YOU CAN'T JUST assume WE DO SUCH. They could be kept in BACKPACKS, out of the way! Cells can save lives! Don't Deny it!

  • Yes, cell phones should be allowed in elementary schools.

    Technology exists that allows you to have a cell phone gun. Allowing elementary school kids to bring cell phones to school would allow them to bring a cell phone gun to school without teachers knowing. This would allow our children to stand up and fight if a terrorist comes to our schools.

  • Yes, children should be allowed to keep cell phones in elementary school

    I think children should be allowed to have cell phones in elementary school. Children can use them to call parents after school or tell their parents if they have had a change of plans. Children can also use them if they are experiencing a personal emergency. To prevent cell phones from being a distraction during class time cell phones could be placed in cupboards until class is over.

  • Yes, if parents want them there.

    Yes, cell phone should be allowed in elementary school, because it can help children feel more secure. Often, young children are nervous about leaving their parents. Knowing that they have a phone that they can use to call their parent during recess or lunch can make them feel more comfortable. It also gives parents peace of mind knowing they can find their children.

  • Yes, they should.

    I think that parents should teach their children when to use their cell phone and when not to. Phones could be a distraction in class, but students can learn that it is not the appropriate time to use them. Phones could help a parent know where there child is and allow them to call if something is wrong.

  • Its a good idea for students to bring phones to school.

    Students should be able to bring cell phones because if something bad were to happen they could call help. If they are getting hurt or bullied then they can call their parents to help them. If a child is scared of leaving their parents they can easily contact them making the children feel safe and secure at school.

  • Kids should have cell phones in school

    I believe kids should have cell phones in school for only free time.Unless medical care is needed or something went wrong. Kids should really have cell phones in school. Its good for research. Or for certain homework assignments. Kids could contact parents. And if they violate rules for cell phones hey will get in trouble or get a trip to the principals office.

  • Yes they should

    O.K. So most of the no is stuff like, How the kids are gonna be cheating and distracted from the teacher. Well SOME kids are like that. But OTHER kids are Honest, and since you guys are so intent on keeping cell phones out of school, what if you got left behind on a field trip? There was no phone there, no one has a cell phone, and there's no land-line for miles? (I know I'm going out on a limb here, But it could happen!) What would you do? Walk around forever until someone realizes your gone? I bet you wish that you had a cell phone now!!

  • I am a ten year old 5th grader. I had a cellphone and I had no trouble.

    Just because you have a cell phone, it DOESN'T mean you will text in class. People who BELiEVE girls do this in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL are crazy. YOU CAN'T JUST assume WE DO SUCH. They could be kept in BACKPACKS, out of the way! Cells can save lives! Don't Deny it!

  • I AM AGAINST THIS (I'm 12 and don't have a phone)

    I am against this because we are to young to handle the responsibility of a phone and plus phones cost triple the amount of an ordinary iPod and an iPod is basically the same thing. And is your at school and need to contact someone use the office. It's as simple as that. I'm against this topic, and we all should.

  • Cell phones? No way!

    I am an eleven year old sixth grade girl and I believe that cell phones should not be allowed in schools. They are not only a disruption to the class but kids could pull out their phone, during a test, and use the stupid calculator and CHEAT! They can also look up the meanings of words on Wikipedia or something, instead of trying to learn the word on their own. If the parents need to contact their children, they can just call the main office and ask to speak to their children. What's crazy is that even little PRESCHOOLERS have an IPhone 5 or something! Seriously! There just little kids in preschool! And kids think that if they have a phone they are better than everyone else, that's not cool. Plus, they would be checking on their texts and missed calls every 5 minuets or something! I should know, because there's a girl in my class that does that! Seriously, she'll walk up to her back pack, take out her phone, and check her freaking emails, texts, and missed calls! Just do it after school woman! In conclusion, cell phones should not be allowed in schools, and I have a ton of perfectly good reasons why! Good bye!

  • Safety and Respectfulness vs Engagement and Collaboration

    BYOD has great potential in the classroom, but at the elementary level those who have and those who have not are clearly divided. As a classroom teacher, I am responsible for taking attendance and knowing the whereabouts of all the students in my class during school hours. When Parents bypass the office and call their child out to the parking lot for an appointment or a text to ask what was for lunch during the lesson, I wonder if it is the students or parents who need BYOD to school lessons. I voted no, but could see it working with appropriate and uniform expectations supported by schools and homes.

  • There are 2 reasons

    I don’t think that cell phones should be aloud in elementary schools but in high school it is fine. That is because in high school there are more responsible kids and in elementary school there is not too many responsible kids. Also there is no point of them having a cell phone at that age, so there will be no point of allowing them at school.

  • I do not think kids in elementary school should have cellphones.

    Children can cheat. Also, kids can look up inopropriate pictures or websites. Many kids are imature and do not know how to handle cellphones either. And if there is an emergency, the parents can call the office. With cellphones, kids can conjest the phone line. This is what i think about this topic.

  • Why would you let a little kid 11 years old or youunger having a cell phone in SCHOOL WITH THEM?

    Do you guys not realize the trouble it would cause them in class? If they decide to play games on their phone and ignore the teacher by texting and going online with theior phones thats soo distracting and COME ON. FOR PEETS SAKE!!! They are little kids. Like relly? Youd let a 1st grader have a cell phone in class with them? I mean i understand if they have one to contact their parents but THEY CAN ALSO USE THE stinken offices phone if need to be. Dont just spoil your kids and let them have a phone at such a young age. I mean come on. Thats sad. And bad parenting.

  • KIDS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH (I'm 12 and don't have a phone)

    I am against of this because we are to young to handle the responsibility of a phone, they cost triple the amount of a iPod which is almost the exact same thing but without call. And in school if u need to contact someone use the office, it's as simple as that! Again I'm against this. We all should.

  • Young kids should not be able to have cell phone

    Why do i think this THERE STILL KIDS NO REAL REASON KINFERGARTENERS SHOULD HAVE PHONES!!!! All thou they should know there parents cell phone number in case of an emergency. There are also many other reasons but that is the main one THEY ARE STILL KIDS!! Now if you are talking about middle schoolers well that's different.

  • Should elementary school kids have cellphones?

    No elementary school kids should not be allowed to have cellphones. Why would a parent let their child have a cellphone that young anyway. They are not responsible enough and they do not know the limitations of a cellphone. They can become easily distracted by the phone and teachers will probably end up taking the phone because it is causing a disruption to the class and the way the child learns.

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