Should cell phones be allowed in junior high and high school?

Asked by: ABCD.E
  • Cell Phones Should be aloud in school.

    Cell Phones should be aloud in school because students can use them for research for their school work and homework. Students should be only using them when the teacher is not talking/teaching. As long as they pay attention I feel they should be aloud to have cell phones in class/school.

  • Cellphones are means for communication.

    Cellphones should be allowed for high school because they have the ability to express themselves through their friends and family. Also, they are mature enough to convey its feelings. Once they went home from school, they continue their texts and snapchatting while adhering themselves to adolescent education. If these were to be banned, then the risk of insecurity would increase.

  • Phones have become an everyday necessity.

    Inarguably, phones have allowed us to communicate easily for decades; why remove them from high schools now? Phones allow students to easily communicate with their friends, parents, or relatives; more importantly though, what if there is an emergency at home? How would a student know that without his / her phone?

  • Phones should be necessary

    Lots of people work well with music and during a work period or a test it can calm the mind and help them think. Plus, they can communicate with parents and friends about times to get together and work on homework. Phones have lots perks and positives just like listening to music and communicating about working times

  • Teens have lost the ability to communicate

    There is a big difference between adults with cell phones and kids. The adults generally all grew up before the dawn of the smart phone and they learned to communicate face to face. They didn't sit on the school bus with their face in a phone they interacted with the other kids.

    Kids need to learn these life skills first, then they can have smart phones.

  • They are misused.

    If cell phones stayed in lockers and backpacks having cell phones at school would be fine. The problem is that they are so misused. Teens are texting or snap-chatting during classes, ringers are going off, and games are being played. They are just another distraction that is taking away from adolescent education.

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