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  • Advance learning b

    Sure maybe going on devices can cause distractions but if they show teacher they can search and study instead of games then it has been showed that phones should be allowed and on every phone there's something called screen time where you can use it to disable alps or searches

  • Distracting to learning

    Cell phones are a major distraction to student learning. Kids are using social media during class and can cause a panic during school. For example, A kids can misunderstand a situation and put out information that is wrong. Kids can also get cyber bullied during class using texting or social media. A phone is not necessary when the schools have a phone in the office or classroom if a real emergency required a call home. Save them for sports travel and require the phone be turned off until it is time to use it. Parents can restrict the usage through the company to make it so they can only contact certain numbers and block the internet access on the phone.

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