• Yes, students should have mobile phones in school

    If any student has a mobile phone , gets into trouble, needs medical attention or missed the bus, they can call their parents, or 000
    or friends, aunties, and even uncles to help the student.
    If a student did not have a mobile, they wouldn't be able to call anyone. Sure, there would be those telephone boxes, but as you can see technology is upgrading more and more these days. Soon enough, we won't have any telephone boxes anywhere.

  • The school budget

    If student bring their own device, then, the school doesn't have to pay for all those devices which cost a fortune. This helps out schools with low money reserves. Not to mention that the phone could help kids when they are in a tight spot. Bullying, pedophiles, whatever the case, phones could help them by enabling them to call 911.

  • They're so common, there's no need to take them away

    Cell phones are extremely common among middle and high schoolers. Even though they may be a distraction in some instances, restricting cell phone usage in schools will not benefit anyone's education.

    1) Anxiety:
    High schoolers have an extremely high anxiety rate, so anything to help calm their nerves is worth keeping. One example of this is music. It always calms me our and helps me whenever I'm in school.

    2) Emergencies:
    If a student were to forget something very important (like tampons, textbooks, homework, etc.) they can ask someone to bring them what they need. Also if something bad happens at the school they can contact a parent to let them know what's happening.

    3) Confusion:
    One thing I see a lot at the end of the day is who is riding home with who. Wouldn't it be nice to contact your parents to let them know you will be home safely one way or another?

    4) Calculations:
    Phones are generally easy to access and they have a calculator installed (not to mention it doesn't require an extra $80 graphing calculator). Most high schools allow the use of calculators, so it shouldn't be a problem.

    5) Freedom:
    I'm aware this reason is stupid, but it is a valid reason, so hear me out. As adults, we will have access to our phones anyways, so taking then away isn't preparing us for "real life." Letting us use them in schools gives us a sense of freedom anyways, as we are required to go to school by law (there's nothing wrong with that though).

    I hope you can understand my points.

  • Yes they should

    They should be allowed in school because Use cell phones to monitor students or children, Cell phones can be used as Emergency tools, Cell phones can be used as Reminders, Cell phones can be used to access internet, Cell phones can be used for communication in schools. Letting kids use phones in passing periods would make them not want to use them in class. Helps to keep parents to keep in touch.

  • Teens need phones!

    As it being 2017 phones are becoming very popular. If we just think about reasons they should be allowed they could use it as a dictionary, use it to take pictures of notes, and just have free time at lunch and stuff. Also if a kid feels sick they could contact someone to pick them up, and any other emergency like they feel they NEED PIZZA!!!!!!!!!

  • If handicapped they can help!

    Dr. Medlock lost her vision three years ago, she exchanged her blackberry for a flip phone that reads her messages aloud to her. It reads the screen and she no longer has to worry about amusing herself with her phone. She finds freedom with answering her emails, she can make her self available when wanted.

  • What if we have an emergency.

    Emergency's can happen and if they do we need to have our phones at our fingertips to call for help. Wether we need to call our parents/guardians. Phones can save lives and we obviously need them. Can you imagine your life without a phone. It would be horror. So keep phones at school.

  • Definately, I agree

    As a school student i personally would find school more fun and give me freedom if i could use my phone during lessons, but of course for educational and beneficial purposes like taking pictures of the whiteboard to help with writing essays. Especially if the schools website doesn't help either.

  • If the child's parent has provided them with one!

    Nowadays, there are a lot of sick people in the world. It is important for me to be able to contact my child in case of an emergency. I also want my child to be able to contact me at ALL times. My child is my responsibility. Yes the school should limit cell phone usage during classes, but otherwise I dont see the problem. Alot more problems could arise if there were no cell phones and I would hold the school accountable.

  • Keep Phones Out of Schools

    No, cell phones should not be allowed in schools as they prove to be a major distraction for students. Students often use phones to play video games, watch videos, or pass notes when they should be paying attention in class. These distractions can lead to a student missing out on education.

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