Should cell phones be allowed to be carried within schools but forbidden from use except for emergencies?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • It is not only a distraction, but disrespect.

    There is little more disrespectful to a teacher than using your phone in class when you are supposed to be giving him or her your full attention. Of course it is also distracting to those students around you who actually want to learn.
    I actually have my college students turn off their phones and put them on a table in front of the room at the beginning of class, to be collected again after. Any student caught using a phone in my class anyway gets kicked out. The time of both myself and my committed students is too valuable to waste on twits who can't wait 45 minutes to text or watch a YouTube video.

    And to those who claim it is a "learning resource", there is no reason to actually be using it in class. What a shame, you might have to actually learn something instead of googling everything.

  • Yes it should be only used during emergency

    I agree that cellphones should be allowed to be used in school but only for making emergency calls and not otherwise because cell phones are extremely distracting and it just diverts your attention. It just keeps you engrossed in its attractive features thus making it difficult for you to concentrate in the class and studies which is the primary purpose and objective of a school as an institution. It at times also hampers your relationships with other people if you are too engrossed in the phone. Then you also have gross comments being passed over phone about teachers which is unacceptable.

  • Yes they should

    That is what my school does but sometimes teachers let the kids use them. They're also allowed to use them at lunch for music (with headphones) and playing games but no call/text and if i had a phone that'd be cool cause I never do much at lunch. Texting isn't allowed but I see kids (mostly girls) doing it all the time. I don't have a phone but when I see kids in class constantly pulling their phones out and snapping pictures doing the duck face with their friends, it gets on my nerves.

  • Cellphones are not essential

    Cellphones are, in my opinion, a wonderful invention when used in their correct capacity i. E. As a telephone. Unfortunately these days cellphones are almost as important as the air that we breathe. Their importance completely outweighs their benefits and we will certainly in the future wish that we had not relied so heavily on them as a means to communicate. I was under the impression that we were given the gift of speech and that we should enjoy conversation but today's generation will unfortunately miss out on much of our normal ways of conversing#

  • It's the most logical conclusion

    If students are using cell phones in school it can be distracting to the learning environment. But they may need them for emergencies and it does no harm to just have a cell phone on your person. It can also be helpful to be able to carry it around and then call your parents after school. There is no good reason to have rules against merely having your phone on you.

    Could students sneak texts and phone calls? Sure, but just as well regardless of whether cell phones are permitted on one's person. Students who don't care that the rules are against using the phone are not going to care if there's yet another rule against just having it.

  • Phones in School? Yes!

    Phones should be allowed in school. Yes, it can be a distraction to a student or students, but a phone can come in handy before, during, or after school. This coming from a student. If phones are allowed kids will be more happier and less grumbling or the nagging from the students, of asking the same question of "can we listen to music on our devices?" To the teachers it can be kind of irritating. So... Why not?

  • Phones don't have a purpose in school. Point blank.

    In my school, you're allowed to use your phone before school and after school and if it's necessary for whatever the assignment in class is. But they're trying to change the cell phone policy to allow phones to be used during lunch and during class change but that's ridiculous. Society is already too obsessed with phones. You're in school to learn, not to be on your phone. Need a calculator? Buy a calculator. Need to know what time it? Check out that clock on the wall. Need to look up something? Ask the teacher, that's why they're there. Don't know what a word means? Open a dictionary. It's okay! You can be off your phone for 6 hours. IT'S OKAY. The world's not gonna end and your phone isn't gonna explode because isn't hasn't been touched all day. I'm a teenager and I never use my phone in school. If I need to call someone, I go to the office, like you're supposed to do. If I don't know something, I ask a classmate or the teacher. If I don't know how many times 5 goes into 302, I get out a calculator. Or I bust out the ancient pencil and paper and do it myself.

    We as people are letting technology consume us. We're too dependent on Google and the calculator apps on our phones. It's okay for kids to write on paper with pencil. It's okay to type on a calculator, it's okay to open a book (and maybe even get a nice, healthy papercut) and it's okay to turn your phone off while you're at school. And I'm not just talking about kids, that goes for adults too.

  • A phone is actually useful in school, and not everyone abuses their existence in school.

    Phones are helpful in a school environment.

    Believe it or not, phones can help you when learning. As a high school student, I find them helpful. I use my phone as a calculator, computer, and a time waster. As for using the school's computers, that NEVER happens. No matter what, it is a waste of time, almost never works, and schools/teachers encourage it. There is always a class in the library, so don't waste time. Now don't say that it isn't because it is. You can either ask a teacher, run to the library, log in, get your info, and run back up, or you can pull out your phone and search it. Classrooms don't have computers anymore, as teachers all have ipads that replace the computers. And let me ask a question. Schools have wifi. So when you go on, why do they have a log-in place for students? If they wanted to discourage phone use, then they would have taken that part out.

    It only distracts morons.

    Point blank; if you want to pass, you listen.The phone is not a distraction to people if you don't use it. If there are people in a class that do use it, they will fail. If they don't use it, then they listen and pass.They don't distract you unless you purposely look at them and listen to them instead of the teacher.

    We don't bother you, you don't bother us.

    A majority of the adults here say that phones are a distraction to learning. Well, I say that adults don't need phones while working because it is a distraction. The points are the same. "What if someone calls me? I always need my phone! I have so my child can call me! What if there's and emergency?" How do you think us kids and teens feel, the same way. If someone calls you, give them your work number. No, if we can't have phones you can't your child can call the damn office and ask for you, it's what I've been doing since grade three.

    We are not from the seventies and eighties, we are modern.

    These days, technology is everywhere, so why not bring it to education? As far as I'm concerned, school now is outdated. It has remained virtually the same since it began. Kids reading a text book and a teacher teaching them. The only reason most of us use phones is the lack of technology. Take away phones from a school environment and what do you get? A boring classroom with a 1997 Dell. Projects for education incorporated with technology is underway, but far from going into a large number of schools. So until learning adapts to the new world, I'll keep my phone, thank you very much.

    This has been my argument, and I hope that this will change your perspective, or at least make you aware of new opinions. Thank you for your time, and I hope I have actually made a difference.

  • They should be carried, but without exceptions

    When students are on their phones, it is quiter. This is common sense. If it is quieter, the students who want to learn will learn. The people on their phone, would talk anyway, so the phone is simply a way to distract the idiots without distracting the samrt people.
    Furthermore, phone use can be used as an incentive for good work. "If you have A's, you can pull out your phones." That is a good incentive.
    Lastly, the schools are currently stupid when it comes to restricting the use of phones. How does using your phone during lunch pose a distraction to the learning environment? How does using the phones before school in the morning pose a distraction to the learning environment? How does using phones between classes pose a distraction to the learning environment? The answer is, they don't. So why can't a student use them?

  • Cell phone use should be up to the discretion of the student.

    It is far more distracting to teachers to have to be constantly checking for phones or on the lookout for phones. At times, students may be looking up something on the internet or checking a calculator. There is no visual distinction (for a teacher) between texting and using a calculator. If the student is texting all day, the student is not engaged in the material. The instructor needs to make the material engaging. It's a good meter for good teaching. Think of it as classes in university. Some professors don't allow for phone use, but others do. In the classes where it was allowed, the material was engaging enough so that one never felt the urge. Inversely, I found that in classes which forbid it, the material wasn't always engaging. There are exceptions to this. If students are going to be allowed to use their phones when they grow up, they should be taught how to do it when appropriate, but being compelled to do something doesn't educate...It compels.

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