• Cell Phone Radiation- Dangerous?

    In my opinion, radiation found in cell phones is extremely dangerous. It has been proven that every cell phone inputs a different level of radiation. Radiation has also been proven to cause cancer. Until there is a safer way to use cell phones, the usage of them should be limited around the country.

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  • Uh yeah we should

    Yes they should be banned because they can give brain tumers and none of us want that right I mean come one now theier letting us kids have phones now crazy man I say no to cell phones use the house phone if you want to call someone. Just stop making phones more radiant and stat making them better than they are now without the radiation

  • No, anything can be dangerous.

    No, cell phones shouldn't be banned. Lots of things can pose risks and cause radiation. It should be up to consumers if they want to use them or not. If cell phones were banned they may as well ban microwaves, certain other electronics, and cars. Society depends on things like cars today in order to provide for yourself. Adults should be able to decide on risks for themselves.

  • Cell phones don't cause damage

    If cell phones were ever shown to cause human damage, they would of course be banned. But this will never happened because there has simply been zero respectable studies done that show any link between cell phone use and adverse health effects. The fear is little more than an old wive's tale.

  • It's still a choice.

    No, cell phones should not be banned if it is shown they cause high levels of radiation, beacuse there are ways that cell phones could be made safer. Also, we could just limit how much time each person can spend on their cell phones. We still need to have them for emergencies.

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