• Because it distract us

    Yes tis r true lines once we addicted to Mobile it's like addicted to alcohol and smoking so as possible as you should avoid it
    So in clg it is not useful better avoid it my suggestion if you like it try once you will gain everything you need ok

  • It should be banned

    Students use mobile phones in campus for chatting,listening music,games etc while according to my opinion institutions are not place for all that. If someone say that we use it in free time in campus then according to me real students are never free for all that,they should do assignments etc in free time and for relaxation play outdoor games. Mobile phones are leading students away from studies and healthy activities.

  • Cell phone is very essential thing for girls for security point of view.

    I think moblies should not be banned but there should be some restictions on using mobile phones in educational institutes.They should be banned because kids can feel left out if they do not own a phone or if they are not allowed to bring their phone. Kids can cheat on exams and nobody will notice. Also looking at small pictures or words for a long time can cause eye strain and children can become easily distracted.

  • Phones suck ass!!!

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  • We lose the power of memorizing things....

    If we saw the past of our they are our parents or our grandfather or grandmother we found they have a great memory along with calculation knowledge but today if we get a 4 numbers digit calculation we are used to take the calculator or mobile phone and the other thing that today if we get any number of someone we don't memorize it we feed it into the mobile even we feed also the birth day of our friends and free from every thing if the mobile phone lost we think every thing lost.

  • Its not good

    Mobile phone should be banned in campus because using of mobile phone during the lecturer disconcerted their minds. They don't focus on their topic.
    Outside the campus they should be allow but inside never. It disturb a lot. Sometime it disturb the whole class when it rings.
    In my point of view, mobile phone strictly prohibited on campus.

  • Mobile should be banned....

    Being a 10th class student , I know who are addicted to mobile they troubling to get rid of it but they fails. Many good students are distracted from the right path as they used it. If used once they lose the path. It is better not to fall in mud than washing the legs after falling. Mobile phones changes ones personality

  • No....I strongly protest!!

    Ya its true that all kinds of mischieves go on within the class premises and it cannot be stopped even with the greatest efforts. I ,being a girl of class 8 only,have already begun feel its advantages,as i have never used it for doing something bad.....But some people do use it for the same and are in a pathetic situation when they are caught red-handed by the teachers!!

  • Cell phones distracting matter in class

    Students do not need cell phones in school .They come in schools for studying ,to gain knowledge not for playing on cell phones.As there are various social networking sites students text messages in short forms like for you they use the letter U ,for texting for they write the no.4.So at a very early age their vocabulary power shrinks.So i think cell phones are very distracting and makes us mad ,adicted

  • It should be banned.

    I think it's nor required for the students in the school life. As many times we sheen that the teacher is teaching and the phone of any students started ringing. It should distract all the class. It break the link of the thinks that teacher saying. After that teacher need to start again the topic from stating because all of the student or teacher himself also forge what they actual teaching. Its also a one of the distracting devices. It your are in class and your friend call you and say something that may distract your mind from study. So i think it should be banned.

  • Cell phones should be allowed

    Students learns lots of things from internet and gains lots of knowledge so my suggestion is mobile phones should be allowed to college if in some necessary parents should call and say every thing what happening at there so such a way i can argue the head line thank you

  • Let's begin modern

    Mobile phones and notepads should not be banned as they are a great source to education. If we say that it gives bad knowledge, then however children will go at home and see all that. So, there should be an eye on them and we should know what they are leading from net and other websites.

  • Cell phones are a great purpose for academic purposes.

    Cell phones can be used at designated times. During lunch, or in a quite study hall. Although the privilege may be abused... Teachers can keep a very close eye on the repeat offenders who abuse too much. Students can be yelled at less for having phones on them. . .

  • Cell phones are useful in studies too and a source of relaxent.

    This is the age of technology and children are to make better use of it. Teachers give the students too much tension in India and phones allow u to let go of the tension for a short period of time to relax.It is essential to get quick answers from the net and build up a social status which gives the students confidence. It is a necessary evil because children can use it in the wrong way but what about the other students who use it for good purposes. I strongly feel that cell phones shld not be banned from colleges and schools.

  • Phone should not be banned in school

    In case of emergency, students can call someone to help himself. For example, during recess time, I’m stuck in the toilet and its going to start the lessons soon. No one come to the toilet during that time. So I can only call my friend to help me in the toilet.

  • No, your cell phone is a tool to be used

    You should be encouraged to use your phones more. You can learn faster, watch videos on how things are done, and even read books off you phone. Banning phones is silly and doesn't take advantage of a huge resource that students are carrying around with them all day. Kids should be allowed phones in school.

  • We need generation to be smarter

    No need to band cell phones becoz we are living in 21st century this generation have to do much more things for the betterment of upcoming generations . It is another think where students are misusing the gadgets by the social networking sites . But I say that its helping me to pop up with studies by audio video lectures☺☺☺ n giving information abt the world.. I hope that this gadget will make our generation smarter ...

  • Not at all, (-.-)

    The mobile phones are the basic means of connecting to our near and dear ones
    especially for those students who are staying away from their families, for parent the only way of knowing well being of their children are these devices.
    If any pre scheduled event is changed or postphoned, it can be immedieaditly conveyed to all the sttudents, reducing the cause of inconvenience.
    Even for girls it is very important for their safety.
    The notes and all other important docs can be transferred easily, hence it can become a boon for students, fitted with all the applications we require in our study from calc , dictionary, encyclopedia, and its also a source of entertainment since the advent of internet. Helping the student to relax themselves.

  • Cell phones are allowed in college but not in classrooms.

    Cell phones should not be banned in colleges because it will be more helpful for gathering information from outside without any effort. Some parents are selected the colleges for studies are very long from their hometown in that condition mobile is more helpful to ask the details and some times bus will be late are missed in that time mobiles is very helpful for transfer the information. In colleges some conferences and seminars are attended by students if timing was changed that information will be send to students mobile. That's way so many uses are there with mobile. But cell phones will not be allowed to classroom because it will be spoil the student education they should not concentrated on lectures. Cell phones are allowed in college but not in classrooms.

  • Ideology should be changed

    People should change the ideology that cellphones should be banned as students are misusing them.It will be good if educate students that cellphones are not for misusing but for education and students may to even use it for his own benefits rather than his other wasteful activities like playing games

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